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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Birth Chart and the Celebration of Life and Death: A Happier Birthday?

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A follower once asked, “Is the birth chart an accurate way of reading one’s life destiny?” The Master responded as follows:

Indeed, the birth chart is accurate around 70% of the time, but only in the hands of an adept astrologer. Every person is unique, and so is their birth chart. Even identical twins have differences in their charts. The stars’ position and energy during the exact time and day of our birth determine the destiny of our lives. The position of the stars is constantly changing, even every nanosecond, creating a unique energy. Each new life chooses a specific time and day for birth; thus, our consciousness before birth chose a particular constellation.

The millions of stars’ positions, which are at different distances, give our lives a unique energy. An astrologer who is specific and detailed to the nanosecond of the stars’ movement can read one’s past and current life destiny with 100% accuracy. However, the ancient book of astrology only covers minutes, so the accuracy is approximately 70% for genuinely adept astrologers. Sadly, 99% of astrologers today barely scratch the surface of astrology, lacking an in-depth understanding.

For 100% accuracy, only enlightened masters who can access the Akashic records through deep meditation can do it. The Akashic is a space where all living beings’ and animals’ consciousness creates an imprint of their thoughts and actions. Our thoughts and actions leave an imprint in the Akashic space, which is transparent to a master who can access higher dimensions. This space, the universe, is connected to us all the time.

The Master once explained that the Akashic is similar to a computer hard disk that records every user’s action, and nothing ever gets deleted from this space. The technologies that people are inventing today are merely extensions of what already exists in nature. For instance, cars are an extension of how we travel, and airplanes are like birds. Light bulbs we use are solar, and computers, cloud storage, and the internet mimic the data functions of the Akashic – recording our past actions and thoughts.

Birthday or Deathday?

The day of our birth is also the beginning of our death. Death, is a celebration too, not bad luck. The constellation on our next birthday is not the same as during our birth. It’s in the past and has never been the same since our birth. Birth and death happen simultaneously because it’s the nature of the physical state. One should not fear or avoid it. No one dies or is born truly. True birth is when one becomes aware of their spiritual state, the consciousness that never dies. When one recognizes this truth, joy ensues, and the fear that hinders spiritual progress fades.

Every day is our birthday and death day, and both should be celebrated. Recognizing this brings true joy to life. We need not escape the truth of death or allow it to haunt us daily. Instead, we should be aware and conscious of it because it’s also a celebration. On our birthday, we should remind ourselves that we’re nearing our final death day, and time is passing by every second. We should strive to do something significant to raise the consciousness of the world, rather than continuing down a selfish path. We can give more love and comfort to one another, and everyone can share their joy with others.

Finally, the day of our birth is a day we exchange joy with others. We should remind ourselves of this when we look at our bodies. We should strive to accumulate merits, giving love and comfort to others, so that they too can share their joy with others. This way, we can raise the world’s consciousness and make it a better place.

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