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Translated teachings of Master Patana

What Is Ego?

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Master Patana’s Teachings:

Ego is neurotic.

Ego, the illusory identity we construct for ourselves, is like a poisonous seed planted in our minds, nourished by our surroundings, and conditioned by our experiences. It is not innate to humans, but rather a product of our environment and influences.

Our susceptibility to external conditioning is the root of the problem, for we absorb the information presented to us by our senses, regardless of whether it is true or false. The ego, therefore, is not a natural state, but rather a product of our susceptibility to outside influences.

The ego is an immature and irrational state of mind that seeks to be superior to others. It reflects our inner inferiority and creates the illusion of a false self. Those who have a stronger ego are less reliable and less trustworthy, for they are lost in the dream of their own creation.

The Superego is even more insidious, for it pretends to be kind and righteous, while in reality, it is filled with hate, discrimination, and revenge. It is a hypocrite that creates illusions to justify its actions.

To overcome the ego, we must first become aware of it. Anger is a byproduct of the ego, so by observing our anger, we can identify our ego state. Once we become conscious of our ego, we can drop it entirely and find our true potential.

But dropping the ego is not something we can force ourselves to do. We must first see the progression of our ego state, becoming conscious of its hold on us. Only then can we naturally drop it, realizing its stupidity and finding our true self.

In this quest, we must be watchful and conscious, but not try to be egoless without first experiencing our ego. For attempting to drop the ego without first experiencing it only strengthens it, leading us deeper into unconsciousness.

So, let us observe our ego with clarity, identify it, and watch it dissolve on its own. Only then can we find our true selves and reach our full potential.

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