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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Struggling in Life? Here’s the reason why.

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In the journey of self-improvement and personal growth, one of the primary obstacles we all face is that of our own comfort zones. Despite the hardships and struggles we may be living with, there exists a peculiar paradox wherein we tend to settle for ‘comfortable’ levels of discomfort. Whether it’s financial struggles, low job satisfaction, or strained relationships, it appears that we choose to stay rooted in our established routines and familiar patterns. This article aims to shed light on the reasons behind this stagnancy and suggest ways to navigate beyond it, in order to achieve our true potential.

The cornerstone of this stagnancy is a complacent attitude that ensues once we achieve a certain degree of comfort, no matter how relative it may be. Let’s consider an individual who is struggling with insufficient income to cover their monthly expenses. Despite the difficulty, they may be relatively content in their current situation because life, as they know it, continues. In order to maintain this comfort, they may resort to measures like borrowing money, consequently ensnaring themselves in a vicious cycle of financial burdens.

This approach, unfortunately, is more about securing temporary comfort rather than investing in long-term progress. The key underlying factor here is the misdirection of their spiritual energies. Instead of investing these energies in seeking growth and prosperity, they are often directed towards negative emotional states such as anger, fear, resentment, and hatred.

These negative states of being, in turn, drain the individual’s energy, rendering them less capable of striving for better opportunities or focusing on self-improvement. This leads to a lack of creativity and performance in their work, transforming life into a monotonous, lifeless routine.

This problem isn’t limited to an individual’s professional life; it spills over into personal relationships as well. Many families find themselves in constant cycles of arguments and quarrels. In such circumstances, most of the spiritual energy is invested in sustaining the ego, and over time, this becomes a draining, daily affair.

How then, can we shift our energy into a more constructive direction? The first step is to acknowledge and address any negative emotional states that might be brewing at home. By fostering an environment of love, understanding, and peace, we can raise our collective spiritual energy. This enriched energy can then be redirected to activities and efforts that will advance our personal growth and prosperity.

It becomes evident that strained relationships within the home can significantly drain the spiritual energy of all members involved. This fact is often overlooked, but it has profound implications on the overall well-being and progress of individuals and the collective family unit.

When conflicts arise within a family, they often fuel a negative cycle that depletes each member’s spiritual energy. This cycle is primarily driven by the need to sustain one’s ego. An inflated ego incites feelings of resentment, anger, and fear, prompting individuals to expend their energy on maintaining their pride rather than fostering harmonious relationships. This, in turn, leads to a downward spiral where everyone involved is left exhausted, with little energy for personal growth or for creating positive changes in their lives. To put it bluntly, investing energy in sustaining the ego can be seen as one of the least productive uses of one’s spiritual reservoir.

Contrastingly, a peaceful and harmonious home environment nurtures love and understanding, providing an essential base for the growth and prosperity of all family members. By fostering positive relationships within the family, we can ensure that our homes become sanctuaries of support, comfort, and motivation. This is more than just an idealistic notion; it has practical implications that extend into all areas of life.

A loving and supportive family environment raises the spiritual consciousness of all members involved. In such an environment, individuals are more likely to direct their energies towards positive emotions like empathy, compassion, and joy, rather than letting negativity consume their mental and spiritual resources. This positive redirection of energy, in turn, creates a breeding ground for creativity, productivity, and overall personal growth.

With an elevated level of spiritual consciousness, individuals are better equipped to recognize and seize opportunities that come their way. This can manifest in various forms, such as increased work performance, better academic results, or even the development of new skills and talents. Moreover, the collective energy of a loving family often acts as a catalyst, inspiring members to strive for higher achievements and thereby fostering an upward spiral of progress and success.

Thus, the importance of a harmonious family environment cannot be overstated when considering personal advancement and growth. It not only ensures a happier and more fulfilling life at home but also plays a crucial role in unlocking our true potential. If we can harness the power of love and understanding within our families, we will inevitably cultivate an atmosphere that fosters prosperity, creativity, and endless opportunities for growth.

Breaking free from the comfort zone requires conscious effort and determination. It calls for shifting our perspective and adopting a growth-oriented mindset. Instead of seeking short-term comfort, we need to invest our energy and resources in seeking opportunities for long-term advancement.

While the paradox of comfort is an inherent part of the human experience, awareness of it is the first step towards overcoming it. By consciously directing our spiritual energies towards positive and productive pursuits, we can overcome this paradox and move beyond our comfort zones, pushing ourselves to greater heights than we previously thought possible.

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