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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Spiritual Journey Through Dreams

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Absolutely, let’s delve deeper into this spiritual discourse:

“Beloved ones, let us further explore this mystical journey, this voyage that transcends the physical and ventures into the astral. The realm of dreams, the realm of the soul. We are not merely physical beings, confined to the tangible world. We are spiritual entities, divine in nature, capable of traversing dimensions beyond the physical.

When we surrender to sleep, we are not merely resting our bodies. We are embarking on a spiritual journey. Our astral self, the true essence of our being, detaches from the physical body and ventures into the astral realm. This realm is not far away, in some distant corner of the universe. It is here, now, interpenetrating our physical reality.

Dreams, dear ones, are not mere figments of our imagination. They are experiences of our astral self. Some dreams are echoes of our subconscious mind, memories of our past experiences, or thoughts that have deeply impacted us. Some dreams are telepathic communications from other souls, those who have transcended the physical plane, and those who are still part of it.

And then, there are dreams that are the experiences of our astral self in the astral realm. In this realm, we meet souls, both from the physical world and beyond. We learn, we grow, we resolve our conflicts, and we prepare ourselves for the challenges of our physical existence.

But, dear ones, this journey is not without its challenges. Just as the physical world is filled with trials and tribulations, so too is the astral realm. There are lessons to be learned, karmic debts to be paid, and spiritual growth to be achieved. But fear not, for these challenges are not punishments, but opportunities for growth and evolution.

In the astral realm, we are not bound by the laws of time and space. We can travel to distant galaxies in the blink of an eye, or visit ancient civilizations in a heartbeat. We can meet with spiritual masters, learn from their wisdom, and bring back this knowledge to our physical existence.

Remember, beloved ones, the thoughts we harbor in our waking state influence our astral experiences. To truly benefit from our astral journeys, we must cultivate purity of thought. We must strive to fill our minds with love, compassion, and positive aspirations. For it is these thoughts that shape our astral experiences, and in turn, our physical lives.

So, let us not dismiss our dreams as mere illusions. Let us acknowledge them as the experiences of our true self, our astral self. Let us learn from them, grow with them, and use them as tools for our spiritual evolution. For in understanding our dreams, we understand our soul, and in understanding our soul, we understand the divine.

The journey within is the most profound journey one can embark on. It is a journey of self-discovery, of understanding, and of spiritual growth. So, dream, explore, and discover the vast realms of your own consciousness. Embrace the challenges, learn from the experiences, and grow with each step you take. For in doing so, you are not just dreaming, you are awakening to your true, divine nature.”

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