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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Attraction Energy: Two Polarities of Magnetic Energies

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In our ceaseless voyage through the ethereal realm of existence, there exists a mysterious, yet palpable energy that rests within us, waiting to be discovered, harnessed, and channeled. This energy, potent in its influence, lies hidden in the sacral center of our bodies. It is a profound, powerful force, often associated with our primal sexual desires and instincts, representing an innate essence of human nature. This concealed force, when accumulated and concentrated, becomes an immeasurable magnetic beacon, drawing those of a similar vibration towards us.

The sacral center is the hub of our unconscious sexual energy. When this energy is conserved and amassed without being released through sexual activities, yet the mind continues to indulge in sexual desires, it transforms into a substantial magnetic force. This force attracts individuals who, just like us, harbor an unexpressed sexual energy. This energy is unconscious, invisible, latent; yet, it possesses the immense potential to draw to us people who vibrate on the same frequency, primarily on a sexual plane.

However, this does not remain the entire story, for the narrative of the energies within us encompasses not only the unconscious, but also the conscious. As our awareness expands, we begin to comprehend the true nature of this energy. When we awaken to its existence and consciously direct it upwards from the sacral center, an extraordinary transformation takes place. The polarity of the magnetic force shifts, and as a result, the nature of the attraction changes.

When this energy, earlier slumbering in unconsciousness, is uplifted consciously, the individuals it attracts are no longer merely unconscious sexual beings. Instead, we begin to draw people who are inhabited by conscious energy. This principle upholds the universal law of ‘like attracts like’. However, the attraction is not limited to a sexual plane anymore. People with higher vibrations, those who are more aware, more conscious, are drawn to us. They may support us, influence us, and contribute to our spiritual growth in a variety of ways, rather than merely satisfying sexual desires. This shift is not just a change in the nature of the attraction, but a metamorphosis, marking our transition from unconscious beings to conscious entities.

This understanding forms the foundation of various cultural and spiritual practices. For instance, some amulets are worn below the waist to accumulate sexual energies while others are worn around the heart region to accumulate more conscious, spiritual energies. These amulets are believed to facilitate the concentration of these energies, thus enhancing the respective attractions.

However, it is crucial to recognize the inherent power of these amulets and the energies they accumulate. Let us consider, for instance, the spiritual amulet, Phra Ngan. When worn, it easily accumulates sexual energy. In the absence of awareness, this may lead to the attraction of people driven primarily by sexual desires. Yet, if we become aware of the energy building within us, we have the power to guide it upwards, thereby transforming it into a conscious force. This metamorphosis not only alters the nature of the energy but also modifies the vibration it emits, thus drawing individuals with higher consciousness.

This discourse, in essence, invites us to discover the dynamic energy within us and harness it consciously. It is an intriguing interplay of energy, consciousness, and attraction. As we navigate through this complex, yet fascinating world of energetic polarities, let us remember that we hold the power to direct our energies, whether they rest in the sacral center or ascend to higher planes. The consciousness that we cultivate and the energy we emit ultimately shape our experiences, the people we attract, and the journey we undertake.

The tale of our magnetic energies and their two polarities is a journey from the unconscious to the conscious, from the sexual to the spiritual. It’s an exploration of the power within us, an opportunity to direct our energies consciously, and an invitation to attract not only what matches our vibrations but also what nurtures our growth. As we become more aware, as our energies ascend, and as we attract higher vibrations, we continue to evolve, not just as sexual beings, but as conscious, spiritual entities.

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