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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Don’t believe my words. Experiment with them.

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“Listen to my words, but don’t accept them blindly. They are like signposts on a journey, guiding you towards self-discovery. Yet, the true power lies not in believing them outright, but in questioning them and looking within yourself for answers.

When I speak, I invite you to engage in a profound act of self-questioning. It is a call to turn your gaze inward and explore the depths of your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Questioning is an invitation to introspection – a process of deep reflection that allows you to understand yourself better.

But here’s the beauty of questioning: it is not just about contemplating or pondering over ideas. It is also about experimenting with them, putting them to the test in the laboratory of your own life. It is through this active experimentation that you can truly discern what resonates with your inner truth and what doesn’t.

Consider yourself a scientist, conducting experiments in the laboratory of your mind. Take my words as hypotheses and subject them to scrutiny. Test them against your own experiences and observations. See how they align with your values, aspirations, and personal growth.

By questioning and experimenting, you empower yourself to think independently and make informed choices. You become an active participant in your own spiritual and intellectual development. Instead of blindly believing, you engage in a dynamic process of exploration and discovery.

Remember, questioning is not a sign of doubt or weakness, but a testament to your intellectual curiosity and personal growth. It is through this process that you expand your understanding, challenge assumptions, and forge your own unique path.

So, as you listen to my words, embrace the power of self-questioning and experimentation. Explore the depths of your being, delve into the recesses of your thoughts, and challenge your beliefs. Engage in the laboratory of your own life, testing and refining your understanding.

Embrace introspection as a gateway to self-awareness and personal transformation. Allow yourself the freedom to question, to experiment, and to evolve. Through this journey of questioning and experimenting, you will uncover profound insights, nurture your own wisdom, and embark on a path of authentic self-discovery.”

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