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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Do Amulets Really Work? Is It Pure Superstition or Is There Some Truth to It?

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A follower, skeptical of amulets, asked whether they were mere superstition or whether they had real powers that could affect our lives. Master replied by explaining the interplay of physical and non-physical states of mind in shaping our realities. If these states of mind are not well-aligned, our lives will be led unconsciously, leading to a sense of destiny. However, once we become conscious of our desires, we can take control of our lives and shape our future.

The world is largely unconscious, and only those who put their egos down to learn will go beyond the knowledge of mankind. To achieve a balance between the physical and spiritual states, we must practice merit-making and meditation, keeping the heart with good energies and well attuned.

Regarding amulets, master explained that they are real, and their making involves dealing with energies and elements. These energies affect us physically, spiritually, and mentally, much like radiation waves. Rituals and amulets work with elemental and spiritual energies, which are alive and constantly interacting around us, but our physical bodies cannot contain them as most people are not well attuned to them.

One must be well attuned to harness these energies and redirect them to other objects or persons. Birth elements cause everyone’s birth to differ in elemental energies, making not all amulets suitable for everyone. The consistent and constant effort to be well attuned is essential, as these energies get built up or exhausted throughout the day, months, and years in accordance with the universe and star positions.

Master said that being very conscious throughout the day of the topics we discuss, the worries we have, the fears we face, and the comfort we seek is vital. By doing so, we can become more attuned to our hearts and the energies around us, leading to a more balanced and spiritual life. It is only then that we can truly achieve wealth and attraction through the real powers of amulets.

In the Heart Area

To truly attune oneself, we must practice and become more conscious of our “heart”. Every energy is in tune with the heart, which is why there exists the heart sutra. The teachings implore us to give attention to the heart, said master. Making merits is the practice of keeping the heart filled with good energies and well-tuned.

Rituals and amulets work with elemental energies and spiritual energies. These energies are real and are in motion. They could be considered “matter,” master said. Quantum scientists today are still attempting to uncover their existence and how they interact with one another, but their discoveries are far from complete because the devices created in the third dimension (physical) cannot “see” their existence. However, through higher state meditation, one can see and even hear these energies.

Elemental energies are of a lower consciousness, but they can interact. Spiritual energies, on the other hand, are imbued with consciousness. This is the difference. They are used in different ways for different purposes, people, and situations. master emphasized that no ritual is one size fits all. This is why every amulet from master must go through custom rituals. Being complacent about this will only bring more misfortunes than good.

If one is well-attuned, the energies can be harnessed and kept in one’s body, specifically in the heart area, and redirected to another object or person. master likened this to radio waves and wifi signals. We cannot see them, but the devices are interacting with each other. We cannot touch them because they are so tiny or nano that we cannot feel them on our skin. Only through deep meditation, focus, and concentration can we see and feel them. These are the elemental energies that are harnessed and contained in amulets and statues. Just like filling an empty glass with water, the energies can be redirected to other objects or another person.

Your Birth Elements

master further explained that everyone’s birth is different in elemental energies caused by the positions of the stars, moon, and sun during birth. Therefore, not all amulets are suitable for everyone. These elemental energies build up or exhaust themselves throughout the hours of the day, months, and years in accordance with the universe and stars’ position.

These changes cause confusion in people’s minds, which is why we often change our minds and desires throughout the day. The consistent and constant effort to be well-attuned is crucial.

Master encouraged us to be very conscious throughout the day, paying attention to the topics we discuss, the worries, fears, and comfort we seek because everything is affected by the movement of the universe. People do not seem to notice this because we are born with it, and it has worked this way since our birth, making it seem like a normal phenomenon. This is what keeps us unconscious of all our thoughts. “The universe moves, our thoughts move too. We must be conscious,” said master.

How Does It Work with Attraction or Wealth?

Master explained that every individual is different because the amount of elemental energies differs from one another. Everyone is unique, and no two are alike. Firstly, master explained that wealth comes from the accumulation of merits, which the energies reside in the heart. The heart leads to good actions and good karma, leading to the accumulation of more merits and wealth.

Elemental energy amulets are to help regenerate good energies to the physical state of the heart, purifying it and leading to more conscious choices of good actions that lead to good karma and good merit accumulation.

Attraction is not merely a physical phenomenon, but a spiritual one as well. When we are filled with positive energies in our heart area, we become like magnets, attracting all living beings with a powerful force of loving-kindness. Even animals can sense the good vibrations emanating from us and draw near to us. This is the magic of the universe – when we radiate goodness, the universe responds with abundance.

However, many people become complacent once they experience good fortune. They become intoxicated by the rush of positive feelings, like taking a drug, and crave more. This leads to unconscious choices and a buildup of negative energies, which can quickly replace the positive ones in the heart.

When this happens, misfortunes can occur once again. It is essential to consciously intervene and keep our energies well-attuned, as the negative energies can accumulate much faster than the positive ones. This is why some people are not yet ready for great fortune – it may lead to greater misfortunes or even critical problems in life.

As Master explained, rejecting certain people who seek great wealth is an act of genuine compassion. They are not yet ready to receive the abundance and need to work on themselves first. It is a reminder that spiritual growth is necessary to sustain wealth and success in life.

It is important to note that there are no shortcuts to spiritual growth and material success. Simply wearing an amulet or performing rituals without conscious practice and intervention will not bring permanent change to one’s life. It takes dedication and a genuine desire to grow spiritually and manifest abundance in all areas of life. So let us strive to radiate positive energies and attract goodness into our lives, not just for ourselves but for all living beings.

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