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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Harmonizing the Mind: The Path to Conscious and Deeper Love.

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There exists a constant, an unending struggle that is as intrinsic to our being as the air we breathe. This struggle, this conflict, is not one that is waged on battlefields or in the halls of power. It is a conflict that is fought within the confines of our own minds. It is the conflict between the two hemispheres of our brain, the emotional and the logical, the yin and the yang of our consciousness.

We often perceive ourselves as rational, sane beings, but the reality is that our minds are in a constant state of conflict, especially when we remain unconscious and unaware of this internal struggle. This conflict is not limited to our personal experiences but extends to our relationships as well. The relationship between a man and a woman, in particular, is often fraught with conflict due to this unconscious nature of the mind.

In a world where more than 90% of relationships end in conflict, it becomes crucial to understand the root cause of this discord. The two polarities of our mind, the emotional and logical hemispheres, are in constant conflict when we remain unconscious of their existence and their roles. However, when we become conscious and learn to operate these two aspects of our mind consciously, they complement each other, leading to harmony and balance.

Women, who predominantly function through intuition and emotions, often find themselves in conflict with men, who predominantly function through logic and reason. For a woman, feelings are the essence of existence, while for a man, logic is the guiding force. This fundamental difference in approach often leads to inner confusion and conflict, with logic attempting to overpower emotions, mirroring the societal dynamic where men often attempt to overpower women.

In a society that values logic, intellect, and efficiency, women often find themselves overpowered. Relationships, instead of being a partnership of equals, become a game of power, a win-lose situation, where love is often the casualty. To win this game, women are often forced to adopt the same logical approach, leading to further conflict and a loss of love.

Relationships often start on a sweet note, with both partners trying to impress each other. This stage is followed by curiosity and exploration, leading to intimacy. However, once the mystery fades, the relationship often becomes stagnant, leading to the creation of duties and responsibilities as a means to keep the relationship alive. The focus shifts from the relationship to external factors like buying a new house or car, or starting a family, in an attempt to reignite the spark or to spice up the dying love. However, this only leads to further stagnation and the transformation of love into a habit.

The root cause of this transformation is the unconsciousness and unawareness of the dualistic nature of our minds. The constant internal conflict between our emotional and logical selves leads to external conflict in our relationships. However, if we become conscious of this internal struggle and create inner peace, our relationships can truly flourish. This is the essence of a soulmate relationship, where there is a deep acceptance and understanding of each other.

When both partners become conscious of their minds, they can see the beauty in each other’s changes and growth. They can experience a deeper love that is not based on duty or habit but on a genuine understanding and acceptance of each other. This is why meditation is often recommended for couples. It helps in achieving this consciousness and inner peace, leading to a deeper, more fulfilling love.

The conflict of the mind is a constant struggle that affects not just our personal lives but our relationships as well. However, by becoming conscious of this conflict and learning to balance our emotional and logical selves, we can achieve inner peace and create fulfilling, loving relationships. The key lies in understanding and accepting the dualistic nature of our minds and using it to complement rather than conflict with eachother. This understanding and acceptance can lead to a deeper, more meaningful love, a love that is not based on duty or habit, but on a genuine understanding and acceptance of each other. This is the essence of a soulmate relationship, where there is a deep acceptance and understanding of each other.

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