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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Cycle of Irresponsibility: Unconscious Desires, Wars, and the Surge of Orphaned Children

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Our society stands at a critical juncture, one that forces us to confront a harsh and uncomfortable truth: the rise in the number of children in orphanages is not solely a result of parental irresponsibility, but also due to the destructive consequences of wars and conflicts. These twin evils, both spawned from the unconscious desires and power struggles of humanity, have created a tragic surge of orphaned children worldwide.

The act of bringing a child into this world is more than a fulfillment of personal desires; it’s a lifelong commitment that extends beyond the individual and impacts society. Yet, we’re witnessing an appalling trend where parents, whether overwhelmed by the challenges of parenthood or driven by selfishness, abandon their children. These abandoned children, innocent and defenseless, are left to the mercy of society.

Moreover, our world is plagued by wars, conflicts, and power struggles – all rooted in the unchecked desires and egos of individuals and nations. The resulting destruction leaves in its wake a sea of orphaned children, innocent victims caught in the crossfire of adult follies. Their pain isn’t merely physical; it’s a profound emotional wound inflicted by the loss of their parents and the safety of their homes.

Orphanages worldwide are filled with children bearing the brunt of adult irresponsibility. Their stories are not just of parental neglect, but also of wars and conflicts they had no part in initiating. It’s a cruel testament to the price we pay for our collective unconsciousness and irresponsibility.

Charity institutions and orphanages play an essential role in our society, providing care, love, and support for children in need. Yet, it’s troubling to think of these institutions as barometers of our failures. They shouldn’t be a dumping ground for irresponsible parents or a refuge necessitated by the destructive aftermath of wars.

Compassion is more than providing relief; it involves advocating for justice and accountability. It’s about fostering a societal shift towards responsibility and consciousness, preventing the conditions that lead to these painful scenarios.

We’re in dire need of a societal awakening. Parenthood must be viewed as a profound responsibility, not a mere byproduct of desire. It’s about raising a new generation with love, guidance, and stability. If one cannot commit to this, then parenthood must be seriously reconsidered.

Similarly, we need to challenge the unconscious desires and power struggles that lead to wars and conflicts. It’s high time we realized the destructive impact of our actions and worked towards creating a world where peace and respect for life are valued above all else.

The world doesn’t just need more children; it needs more conscious and responsible parents. It needs individuals who comprehend the gravity of their actions, both on the personal and global stage. It’s time we stopped turning a blind eye to these issues and confronted them head-on. We need to introspect, learn, and take accountable actions for the wellbeing of our children and the betterment of our society.

In the end, the fight is not just for fewer orphans; it’s for a more conscious, responsible, and peaceful world. Because every child deserves a world that is worthy of their innocence and potential.

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