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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Why are they used?: Fingernails and Hair Used In Rituals?

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In an intriguing fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science, there is a belief that stretches back to before the era of Buddha, which suggests that hair, fingernails, and personal belongings carry a mystical connection to the individuals they belong to. This belief suggests that these items can be manipulated to influence a person’s thoughts and actions, regardless of the distance between them. This article explores the connection between this ancient wisdom and the principles of quantum entanglement.

The Science of Entanglement:

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon where particles become interconnected. Once particles are entangled, the state of one can instantaneously influence the state of the other, regardless of the distance separating them. This concept, which was once considered to be part of the mysterious and bizarre world of quantum physics, is now an established scientific fact.

The Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Entanglement:

The practices often associated with the mystical manipulation of personal items, such as hair or belongings, are said to involve changing the vibrations of these objects. According to ancient wisdom, changing the vibration of an item that is connected to an individual, even if they are far apart, can affect the person’s energy and even thoughts. This notion bears striking resemblance to quantum entanglement, where the alteration of one particle’s state causes changes in the state of the other entangled particle.

Personal Items and DNA Traces:

Items such as clothing, beds, and mattresses, which are intimately connected to the individual, are believed to carry the person’s essence, often through traces of DNA. This essence is thought to create a powerful connection, similar to entanglement, that can be manipulated through mystical practices. In Thai culture, for example, monks and magic practitioners bless items once worn by a person to bestow positive energies upon them. Conversely, it is believed that a practitioner can use these items in rituals to affect a person’s vibrations negatively.

Caution with Used Personal Items:

Given this understanding, many believe it is wise to exercise caution when acquiring used items such as clothes, beds, or mattresses, which may carry traces of another person’s DNA. These items, being very personal in nature, are thought to be imbued with the energies of their previous owners. When these items are worn or used, it is believed that the DNA traces can interact with our own energies. If the previous owner had strong negative energies or was affected by negative influences, these could potentially affect the new owner subtly but cumulatively. Thus, some individuals prefer to avoid used personal items to eliminate the risk of unintentionally absorbing any negative energies that may be associated with them.

Protection and Reversal:

For those who believe in the power of these rituals, there are ways to counteract any negative influences. This can be achieved by raising one’s vibrations through meditation, prayers, and wearing amulets believed to affect one’s magnetic field. Such practices are considered to realign and infuse one’s energy field with positive vibrations, thus negating any negative energies that may have been imparted through the manipulation of entangled items.

Amulets and Traveling: A Shield of Positive Energy:

In Thai culture, amulets are revered and often worn as a form of protection. This is especially prevalent when Thais travel or find themselves in situations where they have to use beds and items previously used by others, such as in hotels or hospitals. The reason for this practice stems from the belief that these spaces and items may contain energies or vibrations from previous occupants. With the understanding that personal items like mattresses can carry traces of DNA and be imbued with the energies of those who have used them, wearing an amulet is seen as a safeguard. The amulets, often blessed by monks or spiritual practitioners, are believed to carry positive energies. By wearing these amulets, it is believed that an individual surrounds themselves with a shield of positive energy, which can counteract any negative vibrations they might encounter from used items or unfamiliar spaces. This practice is rooted in the ancient wisdom and understanding of energy entanglement and reflects the cultural emphasis on spiritual protection and well-being.

The connection between ancient wisdom and the scientific concept of quantum entanglement offers a fascinating look into the potential depth of human understanding that transcends time. The practice of manipulating personal items as conduits for affecting an individual’s energies draws parallels with the modern understanding of the entanglement of particles. The belief surrounding the influence of personal items, especially used ones, and the precautions taken by those who ascribe to this wisdom, reflect the profound interplay between culture and science. This entwining of cultural belief and cutting-edge science serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities of human thought and the mysteries yet to be unraveled.

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