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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Process of death and karma.

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During a Q&A session with Master Patana, he graciously shared his profound insights with his followers. According to Master Patana, gaining knowledge of the truth and wisdom has the power to transform one’s destiny. He firmly believes that it is essential for everyone to seek the truth and understand the process of personal transformation.

The Journey of Death.

Death is a profound process that resembles a state of sleep and awakening, and each night during our slumber, we all experience a taste of death. The physical world is merely an illusion shaped by our past actions, governed by karma, and it exists as energy rather than something tangible. Although we must acknowledge its reality, our souls require this physical experience to learn, grow, and cleanse ourselves for a higher purpose.

Death encompasses a profound journey, resembling a dream-like state where all our emotions, fears, happiness, and deeply rooted karma resurface and play out like a movie. This process can last up to 49 days, after which the cycle of rebirth begins, determined by our past actions. Those who have achieved spiritual enlightenment can maintain consciousness during this 49-day period and choose their path of rebirth. In accordance with Buddhist teachings, the swiftest route to enlightenment involves detaching ourselves from emotional attachments to the physical world and achieving full awareness during the process of death.

One’s karma continues to influence their experiences even during the process of death, and the choices made during this journey determine the nature of their subsequent rebirth. Those who harbor thoughts of revenge during the death process will be reborn seeking vengeance, while those with debts to repay will be reborn to settle them. Individuals who have endured suffering due to past negative karma may seek redemption and be reborn with ailments or disabilities.

The physical reality we perceive is not an accurate representation of its true nature, which is fundamentally spiritual energy. All physical experiences are products of the mind, influenced by twelve dimensions, and only by completing all twelve dimensions can one attain the human state. Love, compassion, and kindness are vital elements that complete an individual, and practicing mindfulness in all aspects of life is crucial for recognizing death and making conscious choices during the death process.

Death and rebirth are part of an unending cycle dictated by the karma we generate across all twelve dimensions. To alter our destiny, we must transform not only our current karma but also address the deep-rooted past karma entrenched within these twelve dimensions. Our existence is meant to guide us toward a genuine understanding of love, compassion, and detachment. Otherwise, we will remain trapped in the relentless cycle of rebirth. Our actions, or karma, possess energy and have a direct impact on these dimensions.

Engaging in hypocritical deeds merely entangles us further in karmic consequences. Rituals and external practices alone cannot absolve us of our karma. We must undertake extensive lessons and accumulate significant karma to truly experience remorse and acceptance.

Feeling underappreciated and unnoticed is not uncommon, but in such situations, it is crucial to introspect. We are energy beings, and our thoughts emit energy that resonates throughout the karmic system. If you feel unappreciated, it is likely because you have not expressed gratitude towards others.

The energy we generate within ourselves manifests in our life experiences. Genuine expressions of gratitude, compassion, and love, devoid of hypocrisy, will be reciprocated abundantly.

Rituals and prayers possess the potential to shape our destiny, but only when we simultaneously transform ourselves from within. It is imperative to purify our souls, as even the most skilled master cannot assist us if we continue to accumulate toxicity.

All experiences are interconnected energy threads woven through the twelve dimensions. Unresolved conflicts from past lives or spirits we owe debts to can cause disturbances in our present dimension. However, by appeasing

these spirits and inviting enlightened beings into our dimensions, we can receive protection and guidance.

May your journey through life be characterized by grace and understanding, and may your heart overflow with love and compassion for all living beings.

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