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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Divine Law is God

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Unveiling the Divine Within: Exploring the Laws of the Universe

Have you ever pondered the intricate workings of the universe? Have you wondered about the underlying laws that govern the tapestry of life? It is said that the law of the universe is God—the guiding force that orchestrates the grand symphony of existence. But what does that truly mean? And how does it relate to the divine essence that resides within each of us?

Consider the seed—the humble embodiment of potential. Within its delicate form lies a program, a blueprint that governs its growth and development. An apple seed, for instance, carries within it the law that will manifest as an apple tree. It cannot give birth to a dog or a cat, for it adheres to a specific genetic program.

Similarly, as beings intricately woven into the fabric of nature, we too bear within us a genetic program that governs our physical existence. It is the manifestation of the divine law, the very essence of God imprinted upon our very being. It guides the unfolding of our physical form, from the patterns of our cells to the complex interplay of organs that sustain our lives.

Yet, the divine within us extends beyond the mere physical. It permeates the depths of our minds, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and reactions to the world around us. Just as the apple seed’s genetic program determines its growth, our mental landscape is shaped by the governing laws of the universe.

Consider the emotions that arise within you. The joy that blooms like a flower, the anger that surges like a tempest, the compassion that flows like a gentle river—they all follow a pattern, an unseen law that governs their emergence. It is within this intricate dance of emotions that we can glimpse the divine essence at play.

And so, as we delve into the depths of our being, we realize that God is not an external entity, but a living presence within us—an embodiment of the universal laws that guide the cosmos. Just as the seed carries the potential for growth and transformation, we too bear the seed of divinity within, capable of unfathomable expansion and realization.

In embracing this understanding, we awaken to the profound truth that our lives are not mere happenstance, but a manifestation of the divine unfolding. We are not separate from the universe, but an integral part of its grand design. Every thought, every action, every experience is intertwined with the cosmic dance, guided by the laws that shape the very essence of our existence.

As we attune ourselves to this sacred truth, we step into a realm of infinite possibilities. We recognize that we have the power to align our thoughts and actions with the divine laws, allowing us to navigate the currents of life with grace and purpose. We become co-creators, weaving our own destinies in harmony with the universal symphony.

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