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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Manifestation

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The universal dance of energy manifests in numerous ways, and at the heart of this dance lie two primary forms of manifestation: conscious and unconscious. To truly harness the power of the Law of Attraction, we must first understand these two modes of manifestation and the roles they play in the creation of our reality.

Unconscious Manifestation

Unconscious manifestation can be likened to a dream state. In this state, our fears, anxieties, and desires, those thoughts and feelings that reside in the unlit corners of our mind, take the lead. These unconscious desires and fears are often deeply ingrained, remnants from past experiences or unprocessed emotions. They may not surface in our daily thought process, but they continue to influence our actions, decisions, and hence, our reality.

Imagine a ship sailing on autopilot, directed by pre-set coordinates. The ship isn’t aware of where it’s going; it’s merely following the instructions it was given. In the case of unconscious manifestation, our energy is like this ship. Without our conscious awareness and direction, our energy follows the path of least resistance, flowing naturally towards our deepest fears and desires.

Unconscious manifestations often take us by surprise. We might find ourselves wondering, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why do I keep ending up in similar situations?”. This is the result of energy given to unconscious thoughts, which then manifest into our reality.

Conscious Manifestation

On the other side of the spectrum is conscious manifestation. It is akin to waking up from a dream, becoming aware of our desires, our fears, our potential, and our power. In conscious manifestation, we are no longer passive receivers of our reality; we become active creators.

Conscious manifestation is about gaining clarity and control over our inner spiritual energies, then directing these energies towards our deepest desires. It’s like switching off the autopilot on our ship and taking hold of the steering wheel. We become the captain of our ship, choosing where we want to go.

The process of conscious manifestation involves bringing our desires from the unconscious mind into our conscious awareness, visualizing them, feeling them as if they are already fulfilled, and then releasing this energy into the universe.

In conscious manifestation, we make intentional choices and are aware of where our energy is flowing. We understand that our thoughts and feelings create our reality, and hence, we carefully curate these to align with what we truly want. The result is the manifestation of desires that resonate with our highest good, desires that reflect our authentic self.

Interplay of Conscious and Unconscious Manifestation

Recognizing the interplay between unconscious and conscious manifestation is critical. When we understand that we are constantly manifesting – either unconsciously or consciously – we begin to see the power we hold in shaping our reality.

In this dance of energy, we must learn to elevate our unconscious desires to the level of conscious awareness, transmuting unconscious fears and lacks into conscious desires of love, abundance, and growth. As we do this, we move from being helpless spectators of our life to becoming powerful creators of our destiny.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is neutral; it merely responds to where your energy flows. It is up to you whether this energy is unconsciously directed by fear or consciously guided by love and wisdom. Understanding this dance between conscious and unconscious manifestation is the first step in mastering the art of intentional creation.

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