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Translated teachings of Master Patana

When Similar Negative Events Keep Happening: Understanding the Karmic Circle and Manifestations

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Let’s have a heart-to-heart talk. Have you ever noticed that sometimes in life, the same type of negative events seems to recur? It’s as if a pattern is unfolding, and you might be wondering, “Why is this happening to me repeatedly?” Well, there is a deeper meaning to this, which is rooted in the spiritual concept of Karmic Circle and Manifestations.

Understanding the Flow of Energies:

You see, manifestation is like a compass pointing to where your inner energies are chiefly directed. When most of your energy is flowing towards negative states that you may not even be aware of, the events connected to these states grow larger and more pronounced. As a result, similar kinds of events keep cropping up in your life. This is not just a coincidence; it’s guided by a Divine Law which desires for you to transcend these negative states. This Law ensures that your life reflects these states as real events, nudging you to experience, take action, and ponder upon them.

The Importance of Facing Negative States:

Now, let’s focus on what you can do. The key is to confront these negative states head-on. Forget about holding grudges and don’t even get started on forgiveness at this moment. It’s crucial to understand that the recurrence of these events is a signal from the Divine, imploring you to pay attention to your own inner turmoil. This has nothing to do with others, it’s about your own state of being, your inability to accept situations, people, or things.

Letting Go and the Power of Release:

Consider, for instance, that you’ve lost something significant, be it financial resources, opportunities, or even a loved one due to someone else’s error or fault. I understand that it’s tough, but it’s time to let go of the bitterness, fury, and resentment. Holding onto these feelings is like building a prison for yourself where your energies get exhausted and trapped. Unless you find some twisted satisfaction in reliving these negative scenarios, it’s time to turn inward and realize the futility of it all.

The Hidden Teachers:

This isn’t about assigning blame or negating someone’s wrongdoing. There’s something much deeper at play here. Think about it: those who wronged you, those whom you regard as enemies – they are part of shaping a more resilient, stronger you. They have imparted invaluable lessons. Yes, it may sound unconventional, but often our spiritual guides can come in the form of adversities and negative events. Holding grudges binds us in shackles; it’s exhausting and fruitless. This conversation might be hard for you to accept, but please understand that those negative individuals and events are, in essence, your disguised spiritual mentors, guiding you on a path of enlightenment and growth.

Embrace the Shift:

Not everyone is presented with such profound opportunities. This isn’t about ‘bad karma’. The moment your heart truly comprehends this concept, your life’s trajectory will take a dramatic turn. It will happen instantly. The energies will reverse their course. You’ll experience an awakening and an ascension towards a more enlightened and fulfilled life.

Let’s think of your life as a magnificent hot air balloon, soaring through the skies. The basket carrying you symbolizes your soul, and the hot air balloon itself represents your potential to reach great heights.

Now, imagine that over time, you’ve accumulated a number of heavy sandbags in your basket. These sandbags are the bitterness, fury, and resentment you’ve been holding on to due to significant losses or someone else’s mistakes. They weigh you down, and your hot air balloon struggles to rise.

Letting go of these sandbags is essential for you to ascend. Think of each sandbag as a lesson in disguise. It might seem like the sandbags are merely burdens, but in reality, they have been adding stability to your flight, helping you to navigate the winds of life.

As you recognize the purpose behind these sandbags, you find the strength to untie them. One by one, as you release them, your hot air balloon begins to lift effortlessly into the sky.

But here’s the wondrous part: as you let go of the sandbags, you realize that inside them were not just sand, but seeds. These seeds scatter across the landscape below. Over time, they will grow into trees and flowers, enriching the earth and adding beauty to the world.

Those who wronged you, the events that seemed so negative, were like those sandbags. They weighed you down, but they were also carrying the seeds of your growth. In letting them go, you not only free yourself but also plant the seeds for something new and beautiful to emerge.

As you stand in your hot air balloon, now unburdened and soaring, you embrace the shift in your journey. The horizon is endless, and the view is breathtaking. The energies have changed, and you ascend into a higher, more enlightened state of being. This is your new path, graced with the wisdom of the lessons you’ve learned and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

So, embrace this wisdom and let it guide you through the Karmic Circle. Face your negative states, release yourself from the chains of resentment, and be open to the teachings that life’s challenges bring. It’s a path of growth, of understanding, and ultimately, of spiritual enlightenment.

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