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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Illusion of Difficulty – How Your Ego Misguides Your Spiritual Journey

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Keep in mind that each technique may appear to be deceptively simple, akin to assuming that a basic recipe can’t produce a gourmet dish. But don’t let appearances deceive you.

Your ego thrives on complexity and challenges. It’s akin to a mountaineer who is drawn only to the highest and most perilous peaks, feeling most alive when overcoming formidable obstacles. You might find yourself questioning why, if the path to enlightenment is so straightforward and near at hand, you haven’t stumbled upon it yet. The answer often lies more in the limitations of your own ego than in the simplicity of the methods.

The ego craves a labyrinth to navigate, not a straight road to follow. It yearns for a riddle to unravel, not an open book to peruse. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that the ambitions of the ego are not in harmony with your spiritual evolution. While the ego is on a quest to conquer, your spirit is on a journey to discover. The ego hungers for a challenge; your spirit thirsts for truth.

So when you come across these straightforward techniques, resist the urge to dismiss them as too elementary. They are like keys to a lock—simple, yet indispensable. Your ego might persuade you that you require a more intricate key to unlock the door to enlightenment. However, the reality is that the door is already ajar; you merely need to step through it.

The complexity that so often captivates us is frequently a snare laid by the ego. It’s as if we’re engrossed in a convoluted novel and overlook the straightforward wisdom found in a children’s tale. Don’t permit your ego to steer your spiritual voyage. Simplicity doesn’t equate to ineffectiveness; in fact, it’s often precisely what’s needed.

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