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Translated teachings of Master Patana

The Ego That Controls Your Destiny. It’s neurotic.

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Direct your awareness to the state of your Ego. Right now, observe the thoughts and chatter that arise within your mind with great mindfulness.

During your next conversation with a friend, be watchful and become an observer of your own conversation. Notice how the ego always wants to be superior to others, and how it chatters in your mind, saying things like, “I am the smartest, I am the best, others are wrong and stupid.” The ego craves superiority and constantly seeks validation.

But when the ego cannot outsmart others, it gets angry, and this often leads to verbal insults and even violence. The ego always needs to look cleverest and will go to great lengths to achieve that goal. It will destroy others when it cannot outsmart or be better than them, as it rises by bringing others down.

Many enlightened saints and sages in history have been destroyed and killed by egoists who found fault in them and sought to destroy, humiliate and insult them.

This is all a neurotic process that can control your destiny if left unchecked.

Be ever-watchful if these tendencies are present within yourself. Don’t try to become egoless, just observe the state of your mind. As you watch the ego arise, you may even laugh at how it has been controlling your mind all along.

As you become more aware, the ego will begin to lose its energy and start to realize its own stupidity. So have a good laugh at it!

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