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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Synchronizing with Earth’s Rhythms: Strategically Harnessing Energies of Amulets Through Seasonal Energetic Shifts

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Earth is a dynamic planet that not only sustains life but also echoes an ancient understanding of energetic cycles. The Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang represents the dualistic nature of existence. Within this framework, Earth’s yearly cycle can be viewed as a transition from Yin phase (feminine energy) between June and December, to the Yang phase (masculine energy) from December through June. This article delves into the significance of these energies and how individuals can harness them to maintain equilibrium and growth in various aspects of life.

Understanding Yin and Yang:

The concept of Yin and Yang originates from Daoism, an ancient Chinese philosophical and religious tradition. Yin is often associated with feminine qualities – such as passivity, receptivity, and introspection. It is symbolized by the moon, water, and night. On the other hand, Yang is associated with masculine qualities – such as activity, dominance, and extroversion. It is symbolized by the sun, fire, and day. Together, they represent the natural dualities in life such as dark and light, cold and hot, and contraction and expansion.

Earth’s Yin Phase (June to December):

As the Earth rotates around the sun, the tilt of its axis causes seasonal changes. Beginning with the summer solstice around June 21st, the Yin phase is characterized by the prevalence of feminine energies. During this period, the negative polarity of energy is heightened. However, contrary to popular misconceptions, negative polar energy should not be equated with malicious or harmful energy. Instead, it represents a kind of energy that is more introverted and nurturing.

Many spiritual traditions, notably in Thai Buddhism and Thai occult, believe that during the Yin phase, it is optimal to connect with spirits and certain deities. This period is thought to be conducive for accumulating latent energies through rituals that focus on the inner self, intuition, and the nurturing of dreams and aspirations.

Earth’s Yang Phase (December to June):

With the onset of the winter solstice around December 21st, Earth enters the Yang phase. This period is marked by a resurgence of masculine energies that are associated with manifestation and outward expression. During the Yang phase, the accumulated Yin energy can be directed outwardly for manifestation and action.

Many spiritual practitioners focus on Yang rituals involving higher realm deities or mainstream gods and goddesses during this phase. These rituals are thought to transform accumulated Yin energy into a potent force for change, awakening, or even enlightenment. It is a time for setting intentions, making plans, and taking action to manifest desires.

Seasonal Harmony:

As Earth transitions through Yin and Yang phases, it is essential to recognize that both energies are needed for a balanced existence. The interplay between these energies can be seen in the ancient symbol of the Yin-Yang symbol, which illustrates how opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent.

Practical Applications:

Yin Phase Period from June 20th/21st to December 21st/22nd:

Embracing the Time of Abundance and Nurture

The period encompassing June 20th/21st through December 21st/22nd marks the Yin phase, a season resonating with the feminine energies of receptivity and nourishment. The Yin phase can be conceived as an opportune window for accumulating and cultivating energies, particularly the nurturing aspects of the feminine.

1. Cultivating Goodness and Shared Prosperity

During this period, energies of compassion, kindness, and collaboration are abundant. It is an ideal time for accumulating merits through acts of benevolence and inspiration:

  • Sharing Joy: Engage in activities that spread happiness. Be it through art, conversation, or simple acts of kindness.
  • Spiritual Upliftment: Encourage and support others on their spiritual journey.
  • Charity and Service: Lend a hand to those in need and contribute to community welfare.

These activities resonate deeply with the nurturing and compassionate traits of feminine energies.

2. Meditation and Energy Channelization

Harnessing the Yin energy through meditation, especially on New Moon and Full Moon days, can be particularly potent during this phase. This energy, imbued with love, gratitude, and compassion, can be effortlessly channeled:

  • Heart Chakra Activation: Focus on directing energy to the Heart Chakra, which is central to emotions and empathy. This becomes a magnetic force, attracting positive energies and experiences.
3. Amulets and Spirit Energies

The Yin phase is also a rich time for connecting with spiritual entities and energies:

  • Spiritual Guidance: With heightened feminine energy, receptivity to guidance from spirit guides and ancestors is increased.
  • Working with Spirit Amulets: Amulets such as Kumantong, Phra Ngang, Luk Kok, and Nam Man Prai are especially responsive during this period. Engaging with these spirit-type amulets can be fruitful.

While there are misconceptions regarding spirit work being negative, it’s imperative to recognize the inherent neutrality of energies. The Yin energy, often termed as the ‘Lifeforce,’ is foundational for existence and can be harnessed for higher spiritual pursuits or manifestations.

Harness and Transform

Through mindful engagement and alignment with the Yin phase, individuals can effectively harness and cultivate energies which later can be transformed for various purposes including personal growth, spiritual advancement, and manifesting intentions. The nurturing embrace of the feminine energies during this period offers a fertile ground for sowing seeds of intention and kindness.

Yang Phase Period from December 21st/22nd to June 20th/21st:

Igniting the Flame of Action and Manifestation

The period from December 21st/22nd to June 20th/21st is characterized by the Yang phase, where masculine energies of action, strength, and dynamism prevail. This phase offers a complementary counterbalance to the preceding Yin phase, channeling the accumulated energies into tangible outcomes and spiritual progression.

1. Channeling Energies into Action

As the Yang phase heralds a time of heightened activity and extroversion, it is opportune for channeling the nurturing energies gathered during the Yin phase into constructive action:

  • Setting Goals: Clearly define objectives and set actionable steps for their realization.
  • Taking Initiative: Be proactive in personal, professional, and spiritual pursuits.
  • Community Leadership: Act as a guiding force within your community, encouraging growth and positive change.

These activities align with the Yang energy’s driving and action-oriented nature.

2. Meditation and Energy Empowerment

During the Yang phase, meditation practices can be directed towards empowerment and activation of one’s inner strengths:

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Activation: Focus on channeling energy into the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is associated with personal power, self-esteem, and assertiveness. This harnesses the Yang energy’s empowering attributes.

An essential aspect of the Yang phase is the potentiation of manifestation energies. It becomes particularly favorable for focusing one’s intentions and bringing them to fruition:

  • Third Eye Chakra Activation: During meditation in the Yang phase, concentrate on directing energies to the Third Eye Chakra, located between the eyebrows. This chakra is associated with intuition, insight, and manifestation. By activating the Third Eye Chakra with the robust Yang energies, your intentions become more focused and have a higher potential for materialization.
  • Full Moon Meditation for Manifestation: The potency of manifestation during the Yang phase is amplified during Full Moon days. The Full Moon is symbolic of culmination and realization. Engaging in meditation focused on the Third Eye Chakra during Full Moon days within the Yang phase can be especially powerful for manifesting intentions.

By harmonizing with the Yang energies and employing focused meditation techniques, especially on Full Moon days, individuals can tap into a reservoir of manifestation potential. This potent combination serves as a conduit through which intentions are streamlined and transformed into tangible outcomes.

3. Amulets and Mainstream Deities

The Yang phase is an ideal period for engaging with the energies of mainstream deities and consecrating amulets associated with them:

  • Deity Worship: Engage in rituals and prayers dedicated to mainstream deities like Buddha, Brahma, Tao Wessuwan, Garuda or Ganesha. These deities symbolize enlightenment, creation, and obstacle-removal, which harmonize with the attributes of Yang energy.
  • Working with Deity Amulets: Amulets associated with mainstream deities are more receptive to the energies of the Yang phase. Engaging with and consecrating these amulets during this time amplifies their potency.

The mainstream deities and amulets resonate with the Yang energy, making it an excellent time for practices aimed at empowerment, protection, and manifestation.

Unleash and Transform

By aligning one’s intentions and actions with the Yang phase, individuals can effectively employ the masculine energies for materialization of goals, spiritual elevation, and purposeful action. This phase serves as a catalyst, igniting the transformative potential within the energies accumulated during the Yin phase, thereby completing the cyclical dance of cosmic harmony.

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