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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Stop Pitying Yourself, Stop Pitying Others

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A Lesson from Master Patana:

A follower approached master and said, “I have done nothing wrong, I have always been kind. But my life has been unfortunate – I have been bullied, the world has not been fair to me, people have humiliated me, stolen from me, lied to me, and done all the wrong things to me. Yet they are still living well while I suffer. I have endured this for over 10 years. What have I done wrong? I want my life to change. I want to be powerful and wealthy to stop this suffering. I totally deserve to be rich.”

Master replied, “The karmic law gave you what you asked for. What are you unhappy about now? Whatever you enjoyed in your spiritual state, the karmic law will give you more of it. It manifests your desires deep within because it knows nothing about good or bad; it does not discriminate. You have gotten what you desired.”

The follower and those around him were confused by Master’s words, and the follower asked, “I didn’t ask for any of this. I do not want any of it. It just happened in my life, and I do not understand your words. I want a change. What should I do?”

Master replied, “Your spiritual state is a powerful area to change your life. Magic and rituals can strengthen or manifest whatever you desire most within your spiritual dimension. It can manifest within days or months depending on your deeper desires. The biggest problem here is that you were unconscious of your deep desires, so events and certain people were just drawn to you in accordance with them. Life is magical in such a way that you would not even believe if I told you that your life and all events around you were illusions (Maya). Your reality in life is similar to your dream. Whatever was true in your spiritual dimension will be manifested. If hatred was true deep within you, it will be manifested. If love was genuine, it will manifest more love. All forms of rituals and magic will manifest even more of what’s true within the spiritual dimension. Your spiritual dimension can give you an abundance of what you put into it.

“If you are still enjoying the feelings of pitying yourself, it will manifest more similar events to let you experience more pitiful states. You have asked for these, so you are given more now. Pitying yourself or pitying others are both states of ego. Ego is never intelligent. When you pity yourself and blame others, it only fills your spiritual state with vengeance, anger, and rage. No true love or compassion can truly flower when the states are overwhelmed by these states of mind. These states of mind could only happen out of your unconscious ego. When you self-pity, or victimize yourself, the states of vengeance get imprinted onto your spiritual state unconsciously, and it simply has to manifest more for you as the law of karma discriminates not. Pitying others is also only a humiliation that fulfills your own ego. So, pitying oneself or others causes one to fall below the normality of consciousness.

“One has to also know that there is a quality difference between empathy towards others and pitying others. Empathy is a spiritual expression, and pitying is an expression of the ego state. Although there is nothing wrong with self-pity, if you want to transcend and manifest positive things, then you have to be first aware of such a state. You must recognize that it is only a waste of effort to keep blaming others and get yourself into a depressive state of self-pity. You have only allowed yourself to be burned by your own fire if you are still unconscious of it. All states of ego that accumulate within our spiritual dimension will get manifested and create non-stop loops of karmic cycles.

“Just move on! Without consciously recognizing these states of mind, you will not be able to eliminate these unconscious spiritual states. It requires being honest with yourself and making no excuses. The ultimate choice is yours.”

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