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Solar Lunar Energies Stones – Energies Binding, Regenerate. Rare. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Nummite

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Solar Lunar Energies Stones – Strong Wealth Energies Accumulation

Made with precious gemstones – 5x Rubies, 5x Sapphires, 1x Nummite, 5x Emeralds, Diamonds, Sacred soil, quartz, Lapis Lazuli

This is a special sacred energy stone that will regenerate negative energies to positive energies. Attracting prosperity and wealth for the owner.

Any other amulets can get charged by placing them near this stone. The good energies of this stone will affect people around where it is placed, and altering any bad energies into powerful attracting energies.   This stone will create a strong and powerful harmonious energy around and will help cleanse negative energies, repel evil or black magic energies.  This is to be placed at home.

We are prone to being influence or affected by negative energies when we are out to certain places or meet certain people, this stone will help to change the bad energies into good ones and expel all form of negative energies.

Maintaining a harmonious energy around the body is essential to maintain the good luck and attract unexpected windfall of wealth.

This stone has been through new moon and full moon rituals. Pure energies of the full moon are accumulated and energies of merits are accumulated.

  • Regenerate any bad energies into powerful sacred energies
  • Because of energy changes, wealth and luck will improve tremendously
  • Creates attractive and positive energy aura to people who are regularly exposed to or near this stone.
  • Creates a calm mood for people around this stone.
  • Can be used to regenerate positive energies for any amulets (Cleanses amulets’ energies.)

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