Twin Kumantong Amulet With Gemstones

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Year of Consecration: 2020
Total Made: 99 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana

New Moon & Full Moon Gemstones Twin Kumantong – Wealth & Karmic Cleansing

Powerful Gemstones Twin Kumantong Extremely Powerful Consecrated By Ajarn Patana Completed 90 days of consecration through new moon and full moon ritual.

Consists of genuine natural gemstones that help repel negative energies, offer protection from black magic or evil spells, re-create new opportunities, and provide superb wealth attraction.

Twin kumantong consists of two separate entities, each imbued with the ability to assist in different dimensions of the owner’s life, offering a holistic enhancement to both material wealth and spiritual well-being.

Highly recommended for wealth advancement, career advancements, increasing charisma, strengthening relationships, and powerfully improving both wealth and love luck. Featuring real rubies and sapphires, these holy sacred items not only bring about unprecedented opportunities for wealth creation but also arm the owner with a heightened intuitive sense towards identifying and seizing these opportunities.

Beyond its potent attributes for financial and relational prosperity, the Twin Kumantong serves as a remarkable tool for spiritual cleansing. It operates on a metaphysical plane to cleanse one’s aura, neutralizing the negative effects of past karma across three spiritual dimensions. This transformative process manifests in tangible, worldly benefits, such as mitigating obstacles in your career or personal relationships and infusing your endeavors with positive energy.

The 90 days of meticulous consecration performed by Ajarn Patana during the new moon and full moon cycles imbue the Twin Kumantong with an elevated degree of spiritual potency. These phases of the moon, symbolizing both new beginnings and culmination, resonate with the energies contained within the gemstones and the kumantong entities. The result is a finely calibrated spiritual instrument that harmonizes with the natural cycles of the lunar calendar, offering the owner a unique form of celestial synchronicity that can be channeled for personal advancement.

The twin entities within the kumantong are not mere spiritual constructs but distinct energetic beings, each with a specialized area of influence. One may find that one kumantong excels in attracting wealth, while the other is more adept at karmic cleansing. This dual capability allows the owner to customize their spiritual journey, choosing to focus on either worldly gains or transcendental enlightenment—or a harmonious blend of both.

Made with genuine natural gemstones, carefully selected not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their intrinsic metaphysical properties, this sacred item serves as a shield against negative energies. Whether you’re fending off malicious intentions or simply navigating the complexities of everyday life, the Twin Kumantong stands as a steadfast protector and guide.

Meditation Instructions: For a profoundly enriching experience, light a candle when meditating with your Twin Kumantong. Be open to their energies, especially during full moon phases, when all spiritual energies reach their peak. On these auspicious days, set your intentions clearly. Don’t merely wish; visualize what you desire in your mind’s eye and project this thought, confident that the twin entities will guide you toward realizing your aspirations. This potent synergy of intention and celestial alignment reaches its apogee during the full moon and new moon cycles.

Offerings Guidelines: For those who wish to deepen their connection with the Twin Kumantong, offerings can enhance the spiritual relationship. Offer any meal you would eat yourself and allow half an hour before partaking of the food. To further elevate the spiritual ambiance, use either three sticks of incense or a few drops of Sandalwood or Frankincense essential oil during your offering ritual.

The Twin Kumantong is more than a spiritual accessory. It’s an intricately designed life-enhancement tool that operates at the confluence of the material and the spiritual, offering a cornucopia of benefits across multiple dimensions of your existence. From propelling your career and amplifying your wealth to deepening your relationships and purifying your spiritual essence, this singular item provides a comprehensive solution for those who seek a more fulfilled, prosperous, and enlightened life.


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