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Phra Trimurti Statue Item Code: 17500

Item code: Phra Trimurti Statue Item Code:_17500


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The Trimurti Statue, a spiritual nexus crafted to amplify love, strengthen relationships, and foster family unity, is consecrated through nine cycles of full moons and new moons. Meditating with this artifact can deepen your spiritual connection, while offerings of jasmine flowers, roses, water, fruits, or incense magnify its potent energies. Precious gemstones embedded in the statue serve as conduits for additional spiritual power.

Key Features:

  • Love Magnetism: Draws love energies into your life.
  • Relationship Fortifier: Enhances spiritual bonds in relationships.
  • Family Harmony: Fosters unity and respect among family members.
  • Lunar Consecration: Nine full and new moon cycles provide celestial potency.
  • Spiritual Energy Radiance: Radiates spiritual energies, filling your home with love and unity.
  • Gemstone Conduits: Amplifies spiritual resonance through precious stones.
  • Meditative Symbiosis: Meditating with the statue boosts its and your spiritual energies.
  • Floral Catalyst: Offering jasmine or roses enhances love vibrations.
  • Basic Offerings: Water, fruits, or incense further reinforce the statue’s spiritual resonance.

By incorporating meditation and offerings into your interaction with the Trimurti Statue, you activate its fullest potential, transforming your home into a sanctified space where love and unity are ever-present. This celestial artifact is an intricate blend of lunar magic, gemstone alchemy, and spiritual tradition.

Year of Consecration: 2018
Total Made: 39 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Venerable Assembly
Consists of: Earth/Clay, Sacred Ashes, Crystals
Features: Romantic Attraction, Marital Harmony, Improve Relationships, Family Unity, Love Enhancement, Conflict Resolution, Improve Intuition
Divine Association:Gods/Goddesses, Heavenly Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Elemental Ritual
Size Approximate: Height: 9 inches
Approx 9Inches or 23Cm Tall.

Phra Trimurti Statue Item Code: 17500

In the sanctuary of sacred artifacts, the Trimurti Statue occupies a transcendent domain, one that enhances love, fortifies relationships, and nurtures family unity. The Trimurti, the triad of principal deities in Hinduism—Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—symbolizes the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. But beyond this cosmic functionality, the Trimurti also embodies the harmonious essence of love and connection among all beings. This particular statue doesn’t just sit idly as an aesthetic piece; it radiates palpable energies that reverberate through the home and touch the core of interpersonal relationships.

Consecrated through an unparalleled process spanning nine full moons and new moons, the statue transforms into a cosmic reservoir, absorbing celestial energies during these peak lunar phases. Full moons symbolize culmination and fruition, while new moons signify beginnings and potentials. The nine cycles of lunar consecration imbue the statue with a time-honored alchemy of energies that are both nurturing and transformative. This celestial repository becomes an eternal fountain that showers your home with energies of love and unity.

The incorporation of precious gemstones further elevates the statue’s mystical capabilities. Each gem—carefully chosen for its unique vibrational frequency—functions as a conduit for spiritual energies. Their combined resonance creates an ethereal tapestry that is intricately woven into the statue, augmenting its powers as a magnet for love and harmony.

Features of the Trimurti Statue:

  • Love Magnetism: The statue functions as an attractor field for romantic energies, drawing love into your life.
  • Relationship Fortifier: It reinforces the spiritual bonds in existing relationships, sealing them with an additional layer of divine protection.
  • Family Harmony: The Trimurti’s energies also extend to familial ties, nurturing a sense of unity and mutual respect among family members.
  • Lunar Consecration: Nine cycles of full and new moons lend the statue unparalleled celestial potency, making it a reservoir of love and connection.
  • Spiritual Energy Radiance: Once placed in your home, it radiates a cascade of spiritual energies that fill the environment with vibrations of love and unity.
  • Gemstone Conduits: The embedded precious stones channel cosmic energies, strengthening the statue’s intrinsic spiritual resonance.
  • Cosmic Alignment: The periodic lunar consecrations ensure the statue remains aligned with celestial cycles, enhancing its magnetic properties.

When you bring the Trimurti Statue into your home, you’re not merely adding a work of art but introducing a spiritual nexus, a celestial alignment in sculpted form. It becomes an epicenter of energies that are transformative and healing. It turns your dwelling into a sanctuary of love, connection, and mutual respect. The Trimurti Statue is a symphony of cosmic cycles, mineral resonance, and ancient lore; it embodies a spiritual ecology that nurtures every relational aspect of human life. With its potent blend of lunar magic and gemstone alchemy, this artifact stands as a testimony to the intricate dance between the celestial and the terrestrial, underpinned by both spiritual tradition and cosmic science.

The benefits of having this Trimurti statue in your home extend even further when you engage with it actively. A splendid way to deepen your connection with this cosmic artifact is through meditation. Sitting in the presence of the Trimurti, allowing your consciousness to commune with its vibrational frequencies, can profoundly amplify your own energies of love and unity. As you meditate, visualize streams of energy flowing from the statue into you, permeating your being with its divine attributes. Such meditation sessions serve as synergistic exchanges, enabling a continual reinvigoration of both you and the statue, fostering an enriching coexistence.

Moreover, offerings can serve as an extension of your intent and gratitude, enriching the statue’s powers. Jasmine flowers or roses, symbols of love and purity, are particularly potent offerings. The olfactory essence of these flowers, coupled with their traditional meanings, resonates well with the energies the Trimurti statue holds. Placing them before the statue not only honors the divine trio but also catalyzes the energies of love and harmony.

Basic offerings like a glass of water, fruits, or even aromatic incense can also be potent. These acts of devotion serve dual purposes: they fortify the statue’s inherent energies and also create a magnetic field around it that draws in additional cosmic power. Such offerings tap into the statue’s full potential, enhancing its spiritual conductivity and resonance.

Key Recommendations:

  • Meditative Symbiosis: Meditating in proximity to the Trimurti statue enables an energetic exchange that amplifies your spiritual growth and fortifies the statue’s inherent powers.
  • Floral Catalyst: Offering jasmine flowers or roses can significantly enhance the statue’s vibrational frequencies related to love and unity.
  • Basic Offerings: A glass of water, fruits, or incense can also serve as potent offerings, reinforcing the Trimurti’s spiritual resonance and drawing in additional cosmic energies.

Engaging with the Trimurti statue in these ways isn’t just ritualistic; it’s transformative. These practices allow you to participate actively in your spiritual journey, transforming your home into a living temple where love flourishes, relationships thrive, and family unity is sanctified. By actively interacting with this spiritual epicenter, you ensure that its powerful blend of cosmic cycles, embedded gemstones, and ancient wisdom is always in symbiotic harmony with your own life force, in a resonance that is both spiritually nurturing and scientifically fascinating.


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