Phra Setti Nawakot Amulet: Entities of 9 Lords of Wealth. Strong Spiritual Wisdom Towards Accumulation of Wealth.

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Year of Consecration: 2021
Total Made: 299 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Venerable Assembly
Consists of: Brass
Features: Material Prosperity, Wealth Career Advancement, Business Success, Wealth Accumulation, Intellectual and Wisdom, Creativity, Communication Skills
Divine Association:Heavenly Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, Super Moon

Step into the vibrant world of spiritual richness with the captivating Phra Setti Nawakot amulet, carefully and reverently consecrated over multiple full moon cycles. The sheer dedication and powerful celestial energies infused during its creation radiate tangibly, touching the soul of anyone who beholds or possesses this amulet.

The Story of Phra Setti Nawakot:

Phra Setti Nawakot translates to the ‘Nine Billionaires’ or ‘Nine Lords of Wealth’. Rooted deeply in ancient Thai and Buddhist traditions, they are a group of nine deities symbolizing prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. Each member of the Setti Nawakot boasts a unique origin and role, collectively overseeing wealth and ensuring its virtuous and generous flow amongst their followers. Their tales, passed down through generations, have achieved a legendary status, often narrated to inspire faith and inculcate virtues like generosity, honesty, and perseverance. By seeking their blessings, believers aim to draw prosperity into their lives while also availing protection against financial adversities.

Metaphysical Features:

  1. Prosperity Attraction: Harnesses the energies of the Setti Nawakot, drawing wealth and abundance towards the beholder.
  2. Enhanced Spiritual Connection: Amplifies one’s spiritual connection, paving the way for clearer interactions with the higher realms.
  3. Protection Against Financial Setbacks: Erects a protective barrier, safeguarding one’s assets and projects from potential threats.
  4. Elevation of Generosity: Fosters a spirit of benevolence, emphasizing the importance of charitable actions and sharing.
  5. Guidance in Decision Making: Imparts clarity, guiding its bearer towards judicious financial decisions.
  6. Emotional Balance: Aids in achieving emotional equilibrium, particularly during economic challenges.
  7. Karmic Equilibrium: Encourages acts of goodwill, in turn drawing positive karmic returns, especially concerning financial matters.
  8. Guardian Against Adverse Energies: Repels malevolent energies and entities that may obstruct prosperity or personal harmony.
  9. Boost in Fortunes: Augments the luck factor of its owner, especially when embarking on financial ventures or investments.
  10. Spiritual Evolution: Facilitates spiritual progression, aligning one’s endeavors with the universe’s abundant blessings.
  11. Amplified Blessings: The repeated full moon consecrations ensure the amulet is imbued with potent lunar energies, enhancing its spiritual potency.
  12. Endurance of Wealth: Guarantees not only the magnetism of wealth but its consistent growth and preservation over time.

Being in possession of this Phra Setti Nawakot amulet extends beyond mere materialistic affluence. It signifies a spiritual voyage, recognizing the true essence of wealth and the obligations it begets. It becomes a beacon of equilibrium, illustrating the harmonious interplay between generosity and gratitude, under the benevolent watch of the Nine Lords of Wealth.


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