Phra Pidta Statue: Guard Against Negative Forces, Invites Good Energies. Place one on your desk to uplift the spiritual energies.

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Year of Consecration: 2012
Total Made: 49 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana
Consists of: Earth/Clay, Sacred Ashes
Features: Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Karmic Influence, Spiritual Energy Accumulation
Divine Association:Heavenly Entities
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon

This Phra Pidta sculpture, sanctified in 2012 through elaborate rituals conducted during the celestial ballet of full and new moons, has been assiduously designed and spiritually energized by eminent religious sages. The statue’s lineage ensures not only its genuineness but also instills a rare and enduring infusion of heavenly potencies.

Typically depicted as a monk with eyes shrouded by his hands, Phra Pidta embodies a sophisticated blend of safeguarding and meditative forces. In the comprehensive records of Buddhist lore, he is cherished as an enigmatic personality capable of achieving the zenith of Samadhi—a transcendental state of meditation. Tales of his miraculous ability to make himself vanish in the face of danger serve as a compelling affirmation of his roles in providing security and fostering detachment from material encumbrances.

When you devote time to meditation near this spiritually charged sculpture, you’ll find the latent energies of Phra Pidta emerging with palpable intensity. These energies act as a mystical bridge to your inner sanctum, shedding light on avenues leading to more profound states of awareness. With ongoing spiritual exploration, you’ll discern that this work of art functions as a steadfast anchor, rooting you in the corporeal world while providing you the liberty to explore the ineffable dimensions of spirituality. As you traverse these internal landscapes, your reflective voyages will deepen, culminating in revelations that are crystalline, pragmatic, and suffused with an unparalleled caliber of wisdom.

In terms of its attributes, the sculpture is an abundant repository for spiritual nourishment:

  • Heightening of Spiritual Awareness: Intensifies your focus during meditative explorations, leading to sharpened understanding and discernment.
  • Bulwark Against Destructive Forces: Its vibrant aura serves as a stalwart guardian against spiritually harmful entities.
  • Navigational Cues Through Synchronicities: Keep an eye out for meaningful correlations that serve as signposts guiding you toward spiritual congruence.
  • Empowered by Celestial Phenomena: Its energies are perennially rejuvenated, drawing sustenance from the rhythmic cycles of the moon.

By incorporating the Phra Pidta sculpture into your regular spiritual practices, you’re doing more than just acquiring a religious object—you’re welcoming a transformative catalyst into your life. A steadfast companion in your quest for enlightenment, this sculpture is poised to unseal the clandestine vaults of your spiritual capabilities.


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