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Khun Paen 2562 Item Code: 10459

Item code: Khun Paen 2562 Item Code:_10459


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Unveil the potent spiritual force within you with this extraordinary Khun Paen Amulet by Master Patana. Consecrated to influence the 6th dimension, this amulet enhances success, love, and celestial favor while offering an array of other powerful benefits.

  • Consecrated by Master Patana for unmatched potency
  • Made from Sacred Iron Ore, a powerful metaphysical conduit
  • Year-long ritualistic regimen for unparalleled divine essence
  • Business and Career: Spiritual guidance and success amplification
  • Celestial Favor: Attraction of positive energies and opportunities
  • Personal Relations: Enhances love and attraction

Tap into an artifact teeming with cosmic and spiritual energies, transforming both your seen and unseen life dimensions.

Year of Consecration: 2019
Total Made: 99 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Venerable Assembly
Consists of: Earth/Clay, Metal, Sacred Iron Ore
Features: Material Prosperity, Wealth Career Advancement, Business Success, Wealth Accumulation, Romantic Attraction, Marital Harmony, Improve Relationships, Love Enhancement, Conflict Resolution, Confidence, Spiritual Psychic, Improve Intuition, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Exorcism, Spiritual Energy Accumulation
Divine Association:Spirit Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, Elemental Ritual, Spirit Summoning
Size Approximate: Height: 1.5 inch

Khun Paen 2562 Item Code: 10459

Brings powerful change of luck and brings upon positive opportunities.
Powerful attraction of opposite sex and love relationship.

Transcend the limitations of the everyday world with this one-of-a-kind Khun Paen Amulet, consecrated by the renowned Master Patana. This amulet is a powerful nexus of mystical energies, designed to influence reality at the 6th dimension and effectuate powerful changes in your life across multiple realms of existence.

With an extraordinary lineage, this amulet draws its power from a tradition that has been refined across centuries. It guarantees to be among the most potent Khun Paen Amulets you can find, primarily because it has undergone a rigorous ritualistic regimen, extending over a full year and encompassing both full moon and new moon rituals. This elaborate period of consecration imbues it with a divine essence unparalleled in its potency.

Forged from Sacred Iron Ore, this talisman is a channel of multiple forms of esoteric potency:

  • Business and Career Advancement: The amulet acts as a beacon for success and offers spiritual guidance in business endeavors, enabling you to navigate the complexities of the corporate labyrinth with unparalleled acumen.
  • Celestial Favor: Its metaphysical properties, augmented by the high powers and merits of prai kuman, offer an irresistible attraction to positive energies and opportunities, fortifying your life journey with celestial favor.
  • Magnetism in Personal Relations: Whether it’s igniting a passionate romance or consolidating existing relationships, the amulet works wonders in the realm of love and attraction, echoing the legendary qualities of Khun Paen in captivating the opposite sex and easing discord.

The legend of Khun Paen is a fascinating tapestry of esoteric knowledge, military strategy, and unyielding will. Known as a Great General of a time when mystical forces were an integral part of warfare, Khun Paen was not merely a man but a mythic entity. He acquired esoteric knowledge that gave him supernatural abilities, ranging from invulnerability to shape-shifting and from putting adversaries to sleep to creating formidable spiritual warriors from mere grass.

The lore around Khun Paen also extends to darker arts, including his pioneering creation of Kuman Thong, a protective spirit invoked through a complex and morally challenging ritual. This spirit guarded him against myriad dangers, from earthly enemies to spectral threats. It is this blend of benevolence and formidable power that has made Khun Paen a highly revered figure for the creation of amulets that embody the spectrum of human desires and aspirations.

Endorsed and revered by spiritual masters and monks, Khun Paen amulets have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Magnetizing the Opposite Sex: The amulet works subtly yet surely to make you irresistibly attractive.
  • Social Harmony: Experience a life where you are liked, trusted, and respected by all who come into contact with you.
  • Unassailable Confidence: Watch as your courage and self-assuredness soar to unparalleled heights.
  • Favor and Assistance: Discover how much easier it becomes to seek and receive aid in any endeavor.
  • Business Prowess: Whether in a corporate setting or personal business, enjoy the upper hand in all negotiations and dealings.
  • Serendipity and Charm: Live a life where luck is no longer a rare visitor but a constant companion.
  • Victory Across Spheres: From personal relationships to career milestones, taste the sweet nectar of triumph in all avenues of existence.

This Khun Paen Amulet by Master Patana is a dynamic artifact, teeming with spiritual and cosmic energies. It is a talisman that you don’t simply wear; you experience it, allowing it to transform the very fabric of your life in dimensions both seen and unseen.


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