Phra Chai: Enhance Psychic, Clairvoyance, Charm – Strong Cosmic Energy Conduit


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Year of Consecration: 2017
Total Made: 4 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Pupil Monks/Acolytes, Venerable Assembly, Ascended Practitioners/Cognizant Elders, Vetted Pupil Monks, Acolytes and Respected Adepts, Vetted Ritualists, Ascended Practitioners and Cognizant Elders, Dual Spiritual Imprints: Enhanced Consecration by AJPatana
Consists of: Brass, Old Brass
Divine Association:Spirit Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Super Moon, Super Blue Moon 2023, 1st Quarter Moon, Last Quarter Moon, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Elemental Ritual, Spirit Summoning

Introducing an extraordinary spiritual artifact: a statue imbued with unparalleled mystical powers and consecrated to harness the universe’s vast energies. This sacred sculpture is not merely an object of contemplation but a dynamic source of spiritual enhancement, designed to enrich the life of its possessor with its profound vibrational essence.

Crafted with divine intention, this statue serves as a conduit for divine energies, facilitating a profound connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual dimensions. Its presence in your space is a constant source of spiritual resonance, vibrating with energies that harmonize with your own, to foster a deeper sense of balance and inner peace.

Key to this statue’s power is its ability to energize the sacral chakra, the wellspring of our emotional balance, creativity, and sexual energy. By aligning and energizing this chakra, the statue assists in unblocking the flow of creative and positive life forces, enhancing one’s capacity for joy, fulfillment, and artistic expression.

Its magnetic appeal is undeniable, acting as a spiritual beacon that attracts positive experiences, beneficial relationships, and serendipitous opportunities. This magnetic quality extends to the realm of wealth and prosperity, making the statue a powerful ally in attracting abundance and financial success into your life.

Moreover, the statue is instrumental in fostering relationship harmony, smoothing over conflicts, and deepening bonds with loved ones, colleagues, and friends. Its gentle energy promotes understanding, compassion, and mutual respect, essential qualities for nurturing lasting and meaningful connections.

The statue also serves as a gateway to elevated spiritual insight, offering clarity, guidance, and enlightenment. It aids in the development of a profound spiritual wisdom that can illuminate your path and support your journey toward self-realization and enlightenment.

A guardian spirit resides within the statue, providing protection from negative influences and energies, ensuring a safe and sacred space for growth and exploration.

The sacred constituents of this statue—crystals, precious stones, and soils from spiritually significant sites—act as reservoirs of spiritual energy. These elements have been carefully selected for their ability to store and amplify the spiritual energies imbued during the statue’s consecration.

Blessed under the light of auspicious celestial events, the statue carries the powerful blessings of the cosmos. Its consecration during periods of heightened spiritual energy imbues it with a profound mystical strength, making it a potent tool for spiritual practice and transformation.

This statue is a masterpiece of spiritual craftsmanship, offering not just a visual focal point for meditation and reflection but a profound energetic ally in your quest for spiritual growth, prosperity, and harmony.

1. **Profound Spiritual Resonance**: This statue emanates a deep spiritual force, significantly elevating the spiritual ambiance for its owner.

2. **Sacral Chakra Energization**: Directly stimulates energy flow to the sacral chakra, pivotal for emotional balance and creativity in spiritual endeavors.

3. **Powerful Intent Realization**: Boosts the owner’s spiritual vibrancy, essential for the effective realization of goals and aspirations.

4. **Magnetic Appeal**: Enhances the owner’s allure, drawing forth beneficial circumstances, acquaintances, and openings.

5. **Prosperity Inducement**: Serves as a beacon for financial prosperity, ushering in wealth and economic well-being.

6. **Interpersonal Peace**: Cultivates serenity and accord within personal and professional relationships, nurturing mutual respect and affection.

7. **Elevated Spiritual Insight**: Facilitates a stronger linkage to the spiritual domains, providing clarity and enlightenment on the path to wisdom.

8. **Guardian Spirit Presence**: Hosts a protective spirit, offering a shield against malevolent forces and energy.

9. **Sacred Constituents**: Embedded with crystals, precious stones, and sanctified soils from revered sites, these elements magnify the statue’s spiritual charge.

10. **Astral Blessing**: Blessed under auspicious astral conditions and during periods of heightened spiritual energy, augmenting its esoteric strength.


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