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Three-Tone Garuda Amulet Item Code: 17513

Item code: Three-Tone Garuda Amulet Item Code: 17513


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The three-tone Phaya Krut Amulet transcends mere aesthetics to deliver a potent synergy of spiritual and material empowerment. Crafted from real gold in a palette of three different hues, this amulet functions as a magnet for prosperity while also amplifying your innate authority and leadership skills. Consecrated under both full and new moons, its potency is continuously renewed, making it a dynamic talisman of transformation.

Key Features:

  • Harmonious Wealth Attraction: The triadic gold plating serves as a multi-faceted magnet for drawing prosperity from various channels.
  • Enhanced Authority: Boosts your sense of command and influence, especially in leadership roles.
  • Lunar Resonance: Consecrated during both full and new moons, ensuring a balanced, self-renewing source of spiritual energy.
  • Shield of Fortitude: Offers a protective metaphysical layer that guards your path toward success.
  • Triple-Toned Opulence: Crafted in real gold with three distinct tones, adding a layer of luxury that heightens its spiritual efficacy.

In summary, the Phaya Krut Amulet is not simply a piece of jewelry; it’s a multi-dimensional tool designed to attract wealth, elevate authority, and provide an ever-evolving source of spiritual potency.

Year of Consecration: 2022
Total Made: 49 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana
Consists of: Metal, Gold, Crystals
Features: Material Prosperity, Business Success, Wealth Accumulation, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Psychic, Chakra and Energy Balancing, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Spiritual Energy Accumulation
Divine Association:Spirit Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Elemental Ritual, Spirit Summoning
Size Approximate: Height: 1.5 inch

Three-Tone Garuda Amulet Item Code: 17513

In a sumptuous trifecta of tones, the Phaya Krut Amulet stands as a symbol of equilibrium, weaving together the metaphysical, the celestial, and the corporeal into a piece of transformative jewelry. With its real gold plating rendered in three distinct hues, the amulet serves as a sophisticated emblem of balanced prosperity, nuanced authority, and enveloping protection. Imagine this amulet as a kaleidoscope of energies: it captures the magnificence of full and new moons, and disperses it as a radiating aura of material and spiritual empowerment.

What lends this amulet its potency? For starters, the triadic color scheme acts as an allegorical map, charting a course toward prosperity from a multitude of avenues. The diverse tones in the real gold plating come together to represent unity in diversity, pulling in wealth through myriad sources while striking a harmonious chord. Just as the gold seamlessly transitions from one shade to the next, the amulet harmonizes diverse energies into a cohesive force for prosperity.

But the Phaya Krut Amulet is not only a magnet for material wealth; it also enhances your sense of command and authority. Like the mythical Phaya Krut, a guardian of the heavens, you too become a steward of your own destiny. Your influence gains new dimensions, not merely in scope but in depth, making you a focal point for leadership and respect.

Consecrated during both the full moon and the new moon, the amulet resonates with the cyclical energies of the lunar calendar. This dual-phase lunar infusion ensures the amulet’s continual evolution, maintaining its vibrancy and adapting to the ever-changing cosmic rhythms. The full moon saturates it with the power of culmination, while the new moon imbues it with the potential for new beginnings.

Key Features:

  • Harmonious Wealth Attraction: The three-tone design augments the amulet’s wealth-drawing powers, pulling in prosperity from varied sources.
  • Enhanced Authority: Multi-dimensional influence is offered by the triad of real gold plating, extending your command in personal and professional spheres.
  • Lunar Resonance: Balanced and renewing energies from both full and new moon consecrations ensure ongoing spiritual efficacy.
  • Shield of Fortitude: Provides a protective aura, safeguarding your journey toward success.
  • Triple-Toned Opulence: Real gold plating in three hues enhances both its luxurious appeal and its metaphysical capabilities.

In donning this triad-toned Phaya Krut Amulet, you’re embracing a rich tapestry of spiritual, celestial, and earthly forces. It’s a potent blend of mythology, cosmic cycles, and exquisite craftsmanship that provides you not just with a piece of jewelry but with a talisman of transformation. So, as you wear this amulet, understand that you’re not merely accessorized—you are empowered, elevated, and enveloped in a cloak of multifaceted majesty.


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