Strong Love and Relationship Enhancer Bracelet – Wear This To Enhance Your Aura, Attracting Love and Support. Natural Ruby, Rhodochrosite set in 925 Silver – Consecrated For Ladies.

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Year of Consecration: 2023
Total Made: 29 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana
Consists of: Metal, Silver, Sapphires, Rubies, Crystals, Hematite, Jasper, Rhodochrosite
Features: Material Prosperity, Romantic Attraction, Marital Harmony, Improve Relationships, Family Unity, Love Enhancement, Intellectual and Wisdom, Creativity, Confidence, Chakra and Energy Balancing, Improve Intuition, Spiritual Energy Accumulation
Divine Association:Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Elemental Ritual

Consecrated on first full moon of 2023 through new moon on 21/01/2023
Bead size: 10mm

All natural stones and ruby.

Powerful Love Enhancer, Increase popularity, Charisma and Brings supporter into your life. 

An exquisitely crafted bracelet that epitomizes the fusion of celestial artistry and earthly grace. Designed explicitly for women, this stunning piece combines the lustrous allure of Natural Ruby set in 925 sterling silver with the soothing appeal of Rhodochrosite. As you clasp this bracelet onto your wrist, you’re not merely adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry; you are activating a reservoir of powerful energies curated to enhance love, enrich relationships, and garner unparalleled support from those around you.

Constructed with the finest quality, genuine Natural Ruby and Rhodochrosite, our bracelets are a manifestation of the quintessence of authenticity and spiritual potency. Unlike ornaments made with synthetic or artificially colored stones, the natural minerals in this bracelet are in their purest state, enabling them to function as authentic conduits for spiritual energies.

The Natural Ruby, renowned for its mesmeric red hue, aligns closely with the heart chakra, which governs our capability for love and compassion. The heart chakra acts as an energetic nexus that connects our emotional well-being with our physical health. When invigorated by the captivating resonance of the ruby, this chakra becomes a pulsating wellspring of love and positivity, both for oneself and for others.

Complementing the radiance of the ruby, Rhodochrosite provides an emotional counterpoint by focusing on the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. This extraordinary stone is a spiritual magnet that attracts not just romantic love, but also platonic and familial affections. It’s a stone that doesn’t just attract love but engenders genuine emotional reciprocity. Its energies coalesce in promoting self-love, an essential yet often overlooked aspect of interpersonal relationships.

Meditating with this bracelet is akin to undertaking a celestial journey through the energetic pathways of your being. As you enter into a state of inner quietude, the bracelet’s innately charged stones channel their spiritual energies to your chakras, fine-tuning your spiritual vibrations to resonate with the frequencies of love and compassion. This makes the bracelet not just an accessory but a spiritual companion that assists you in tapping into reservoirs of untapped potential.

But what sets this bracelet further apart is its unique consecration process. In a ritual as poetic as it is powerful, each bracelet is energized through special full moon and new moon ceremonies. The cyclical energies of lunar phases infuse the bracelet with a balance of both masculine and feminine attributes, perfecting its purpose of enhancing relationships and attracting love. Additionally, a unique ritual, specially designed to imbue the bracelet with the energy of attraction, is conducted, making each piece a personalized talisman for the wearer.

This bracelet serves as an opulent spiritual apparatus that magnifies the intrinsic qualities of the wearer. Designed with exceptional care and infused with potent energies through celestial rites, it stands as an ode to the essence of love and the power of relationships. It isn’t just jewelry; it’s a finely tuned spiritual instrument aimed at harmonizing your existence in the realm of the heart. Wear it, meditate with it, and let it guide you through the labyrinthine complexities of love and relationships, towards a life rich in emotional fulfillment and spiritual poise.

About full moon consecration:

Consecrating sacred items during the full moon is a common practice in many spiritual traditions. This is because the energy of the full moon is believed to be a powerful force that can enhance the energy and properties of sacred items. The full moon is a time of heightened energy, and its magnetic field can positively affect our mind, body, and consciousness.

The magnetic field of the moon is known to have an effect on the tides, as well as on other natural phenomena. This same magnetic field is believed to have an effect on our own bodies and consciousness. It is thought that the full moon’s energy can help to balance and harmonize our energy, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

When master consecrate a sacred item during the full moon, we are tapping into this powerful energy and using it to enhance the properties of the item. The energy of the full moon can be stored in the sacred item after consecration, and this energy can be used to promote healing, spiritual growth, and other positive outcomes.

From a quantum science perspective, the energy of the full moon can be seen as a form of coherent electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can interact with the energy fields of our own bodies and consciousness, creating a resonance that can promote healing and balance. This same resonance can also be stored in a sacred item, making it a powerful tool for spiritual practice.

Overall, the practice of consecrating sacred items during the full moon is a powerful tool for enhancing spiritual practice and promoting a sense of well-being. By tapping into the energy of the full moon, we can enhance the properties of sacred items and promote healing and spiritual growth. The quantum science behind this practice further emphasizes the power of the full moon’s energy and its ability to positively affect our mind, body, and consciousness.



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