Millionaire Sacred Scroll: Guides You Towards Wealth, Conduit of Higher Dimension.


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Year of Consecration: 2023
Total Made: 99 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Pupil Monks/Acolytes, Venerable Assembly, Ascended Practitioners/Cognizant Elders
Divine Association:Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Super Moon, Super Blue Moon 2023, 1st Quarter Moon

Imbued with the potent energies of Jupiter, the Millionaire Takrut is a sacred scroll specifically consecrated during a celestial event when Jupiter was closest to Earth in 2023. Known as the planet of abundance and prosperity, Jupiter’s influence on this Takrut is profound, infusing it with vibrations that foster wealth accumulation and financial success. However, it’s crucial to understand that this Takrut doesn’t simply cause wealth to appear miraculously. Instead, it works on a deeper level by enhancing the spiritual consciousness and wisdom that guide one towards wealth.

The Jupiterian energy within this Takrut has a broad and dynamic influence on the bearer’s spiritual and material journey. It enhances intuition and awareness related to financial opportunities, helping to navigate the complex world of wealth creation. This Takrut nurtures a profound connection to the energies of abundance, aligning spiritual paths with material goals.

**Additional Spiritual Benefits:**
1. **Enhanced Intuitive Abilities:** Increases the wearer’s intuition, helping to sense and seize opportunities for wealth that might otherwise go unnoticed.
2. **Attraction of Prosperous Opportunities:** Magnetically attracts circumstances and opportunities aligned with financial growth and success.
3. **Development of Business Acumen:** Sharpens business instincts, aiding in making strategic decisions that lead to profitable outcomes.
4. **Networking Success:** Energizes social interactions, leading to connections with individuals who can influence and aid one’s financial ambitions.
5. **Protection Against Financial Setbacks:** Offers spiritual protection that helps mitigate losses and navigate through economic downturns.
6. **Increased Motivation and Drive:** Instills a vigorous pursuit of financial goals, inspiring hard work and dedication.
7. **Cultivation of Positive Mindset:** Promotes a positive outlook that is essential for overcoming challenges and achieving wealth.
8. **Enhanced Learning Abilities:** Opens the mind to new knowledge and skills that can be pivotal in wealth creation.
9. **Guidance to Philanthropy:** Encourages the wise and ethical use of wealth, guiding towards philanthropy which in turn attracts more prosperity.
10. **Balance of Material and Spiritual Goals:** Helps maintain a balance between material aspirations and spiritual well-being, ensuring that the pursuit of wealth does not overshadow overall life fulfillment.

This Millionaire Takrut is a spiritual tool for those who are not merely seeking financial gain but are eager to explore and expand their consciousness towards achieving comprehensive abundance. It acts as a guide and a beacon, channeling Jupiter’s benevolent energies to foster a life enriched with wealth, wisdom, and wellbeing.


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