Kumantong In Sacred Oil: Wealth Fetching Charm, Advances Wealth

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Year of Consecration: 2021
Total Made: 99 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Pupil Monks/Acolytes
Features: Material Prosperity, Wealth Career Advancement, Business Success, Wealth Accumulation, Improve Relationships, Family Unity, Conflict Resolution, Creativity, Communication Skills, Confidence, Spiritual Psychic, Improve Psychic Abilities, Improve Intuition, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Travel Safety, Transdimensional Capabilities, Karmic Influence
Divine Association:Spirit Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Elemental Ritual, Spirit Summoning

Luck Changing Kumantong In Tree-Spirit Sacred Oil, with Precious Gems Masterfully Consecrated by Master Patana

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with this uniquely potent Kumantong amulet, consecrated through a meticulous process spanning six full moons and new moons. Each moon cycle has imparted the Kumantong with celestial energies, amplifying its intrinsic power to bring forth a metamorphosis in your fortune across the 6th dimension/realm. This carefully crafted spiritual talisman isn’t just an artifact; it is a living reservoir of potent energies, encapsulated in Tree-Spirit Sacred Oil and adorned with a bevy of Precious Gems. This blend imbues it with the capability to catalyze significant shifts in your life, making it especially beneficial for individuals desiring to reinforce relationships, elevate spiritual consciousness, and engender sweeping positive changes in overall luck.

The Tree-Spirit Sacred Oil is a unique element in this Kumantong. This ethereal elixir is reputed for its robust spiritual virtues that have been harnessed through esoteric practices. Its inclusion in the amulet serves as a magnet for prosperity, acting as a veritable lodestone that attracts wealth in its many forms. But its potency doesn’t stop at mere material gains; the oil also exudes an energy that has an uncanny ability to win the trust of people, thereby improving the relational dynamics with those who populate your personal and professional circles.

Inside the amulet, you will find a harmonious blend of Precious Gems: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphires, Rubies, Quartz, and Amethysts. Each gemstone contributes its own unique vibrational energy to create a rich tapestry of forces that synergistically merge to form an energy field of remarkable power. Lapis Lazuli for wisdom, Sapphires for divine favor, Rubies for vitality, Quartz for clarity, and Amethysts for spiritual protection—all these elements come together to offer you a holistic spiritual experience. These gemstones have been revered across epochs and cultures for their abilities to usher in profound changes, enhancing spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

But let us not forget the most distinguishing factor: the intricate process of consecration conducted by Master Patana, a spiritual luminary. His vast experience and mastery over esoteric arts have been channeled into this Kumantong, enhancing its latent energies and optimizing its potential as a transformative tool for its owner.

So this Kumantong is not merely an amulet. It is a bespoke spiritual instrument fashioned to resonate with the individual frequencies of its possessor, thereby serving as a personal guide toward enlightenment, prosperity, and fortuitous relationships. In essence, owning this amulet is akin to having a personal spiritual concierge, tirelessly working to steer your life in a direction that brings joy, wisdom, and abundance.


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