Consecrated Ruesi Master Lersi Ta Fai- Spiritual Elevation, Mind Reading & Spiritual Mastery

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Year of Consecration: 2023
Total Made: 12 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Pupil Monks/Acolytes, Venerable Assembly, Vetted Pupil Monks, Acolytes and Respected Adepts, Vetted Ritualists, Ascended Practitioners and Cognizant Elders
Consists of: Refined material composite, Gemstones, 108 Sacred Material
Features: Transdimensional Capabilities, Exorcism, Spiritual Energy Accumulation, Karmic Influence, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Astral Experience, Spiritual Awakening, Improve Intuition, Chakra and Energy Balancing, Improve Psychic Abilities, Intellectual and Wisdom
Divine Association:Spirit Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, New Moon, Super Moon, Super Blue Moon 2023, Lunar Eclipse, Elemental Ritual, Spirit Summoning

The Consecrated Ruesi Master, Lersi Ta Fai, stands as a towering figure of spiritual elevation and mastery within Thai mysticism and occultism. A ruesi, or lersi, is a sage known for practicing esoteric sciences and embodying the aesthetics of an ascetic life. The figure of Lersi Ta Fai, presented here in a meticulously crafted 19-inch tall statue, is enveloped in the robes of his ascetic practice, marking him as a conduit of profound spiritual knowledge and siddhis, the extraordinary abilities attained through rigorous spiritual discipline.

This statue of Lersi Ta Fai has been sanctified through important celestial events, including lunar phases and eclipses, in a special ritual that invokes the spirit of Lersi Ta Fai and aligns it with the powerful energies of the lersi master. Such consecration imbues the statue with a profound connection to the energies of this venerated sage, who is celebrated for his high spiritual consciousness, clairvoyance, and third-eye development. It stands as an instrumental aid for the serious practitioner on the path toward enlightenment and higher wisdom.

In the annals of Thai legend, Lersi Ta Fai is an embodiment of divine incarnation, often linked to Shiva/Ishvara, signifying the expansive consciousness and the third-eye chakra. It is believed that this particular lersi was a central figure in grand spiritual ceremonies, possibly of royal significance, as indicated by the exquisite detail found on the statues and amulets associated with him.

The spiritual and mystical benefits of venerating Lersi Ta Fai are manifold:

1. **Enhanced Clairvoyance**: Regular communion with Lersi Ta Fai aids in opening the third eye, leading to improved clairvoyant abilities.

2. **Attainment of Siddhis**: Devotion to Lersi Ta Fai can bestow various siddhis, enhancing spiritual powers and psychic abilities.

3. **Spiritual Wisdom**: Praying to Lersi Ta Fai can impart profound spiritual knowledge and insights.

4. **Meditative Depth**: The consecrated statue serves as a focal point, deepening meditation practices and promoting mental clarity.

5. **Occult Mastery**: For those practicing esoteric arts, Lersi Ta Fai is a guiding force towards mastery and understanding of hidden knowledge.

6. **Connection to Nature**: Lersi Ta Fai, a recluse in forests and mountains, helps devotees attune to the healing and insightful powers of nature.

7. **Alchemy of the Self**: The practice invites transformation within the practitioner, much like the alchemical processes Lersi are known to master.

8. **Energetic Protection**: Venerating Lersi Ta Fai offers a protective shield against negative energies and spiritual harm.

9. **Mind Reading and Telepathy**: Engagement with the statue aids in honing mental faculties to potentially develop telepathic abilities and mind-reading skills.

The Consecrated Ruesi Master, Lersi Ta Fai statue, is thus a spiritual tool of great significance, imbued with the capacity to elevate and transform those who approach it with reverence and a genuine seeker’s heart.


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