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Billionaire Phra Setti Nawakot 36 Lunar Energies


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Accumulations of 36 Lunar Moon Energies
Powerful Strong Magnetic Field that Changes Destiny
Made of Real Genuine Sacred Steel of Uttaradit Nam Phi

Phra Setthi Navakot comprises of the 9 rich merchants whom have taken refuge under Lord Buddha. During Lord Buddha’s lifetime, these 9 merchants have supported Buddha’s mission in building the Sanghas and spreading the Dhamma. Therefore they have achieved and entered the realm of Ariyas, levels below of Arahantship. Inviting and revering to him sincerely we hope he can bestow us the bountiful boon and wealth they have accumulated in their previous lifetimes. The 9 of them are:

  1. Phra Thanachai, whom bestows power of superiority, of ranks and respects.
  2. Phra Yaksak, whom bestows success in our undertakings. Also bestows unity of hearts and minds of people around us.
  3. Phra Somanak, bestows intelligence.
  4. Phra Kartikasak, bestows prosperity in property and luck.
  5. Phra Ananthapindika, bestows good progress in life.
  6. Phra Maentakasak,  bestows prosperity in wealth and luck.
  7. Phra Tanchotikak, bestows Metta and Saneah.
  8. Phra Somangkakgasak, bestows steady and unruffled life. Phra Ubasika Visaka, bestows achievements in ranks at office and progress.
  9. Phra Ubasika Visaka, bestows achievements in ranks at office and progress

Special Material Used:
Made of special steel we called the nam phi steel. It is known to be a sacred material which in ancient it is used to make sacred items and objects. To use this material to make into sacred items, it has to only be started on a Full Moon Day only and anyone who wants to use this material to craft into objects must learn a special katha while working on it until the item is completed.

The person who helped cast this statue were also given instructions by master on the specific time to start melting the material on the full moon day and also mix gems into it. This statue is 28CM tall and weighs 1.8kg, it is to be placed at home for meditation and spiritual guidance.

This is specifically powerful for meditation use, raises spiritual consciousness and many followers who owns it have very good experience with improved wealth and support from people around.

Phra setti nawakot also have a deeper meaning than just the original story about the 9 wealthy merchants. There is a deeper wisdom in it and actually each head represents each spiritual dimension, and this is also opening 9 dimensions and the 9 chakras consciousness. The statue itself tells a wisdom and it possesses all wisdom to completion of 9 spiritual dimensions, 9 forms of karmic cycles too.

This statue has accumulated 36 lunar and solar energies.
It is believed that with the sacred material, energies do not get discharged from the statue and will continue to accumulate only the positive energies through the moon phases and good merits of the owner.

The Strong Accumulation of Magnetic Field Power Energies of the Moon and Sun

Master has explained that the this sacred nam phi steel has a strong natural cosmic power which absorbs the energies of positive magnetic field of the sun and moon. Such energies are important for humans’ functioning and affecting us both mentally and physically and leading to overall well-being for all members who dwell within a proximity from where the statue is placed.

 Where are the funds going to?
At this time, we will be reserving part of the funds to help covid relief in various nations who needs help urgently. Another part of the funds will also go towards education, shelter, coffin, food for the orphans. We will also reserve some for amulets making and distributing them to spread the teachings



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