Enemy-Dissolving Lanna Ritual Candle. Neutralizing Enemy

Item code: Harmony Lanna Candle: Item code_16917


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Year of Consecration: 2023
Total Made: 999 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Venerable Assembly
Features: Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Karmic Influence, Spiritual Energy Accumulation
Divine Association:Heavenly Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Lanna-Infused Talisman & Yantra Black Candle, a handcrafted candle that transcends the realm of ordinary candles. This is not a factory-cast candle; it’s a powerful artifact, meticulously crafted and imbued with potent energies through a special Lanna Magic ritualistic ceremony conducted during lunar eclipses.

This candle is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern craftsmanship. It features a Talisman and Yantra embedded within its core, each element serving as a conduit for specific energies. The Talisman acts as a guardian, shielding you from external harm, while the Yantra amplifies the candle’s inherent powers, transforming it into a potent tool for manifesting your desires.

But what sets this candle apart is its unique ability to suppress negative energies and influences. Whether you’re facing malicious spells, continual ill health, or a series of unfortunate events, this candle serves as a powerful counterforce. It decays the magic spells aimed at you, suppresses the ill intentions of third parties,and enemies. If you’ve been feeling downcast, depressed, or devoid of prosperity, lighting this candle can serve as a transformative ritual.

However, it’s crucial to understand that this candle is not a tool for revenge or harm. Its magic is rooted in the advancement of one’s own negative karma. By lighting this candle, you’re not punishing your enemies; rather, you’re accelerating their journey toward realizing their own wrongdoings. The candle acts as a mirror, reflecting back the negative energies they’ve sent out into the world, thereby preventing them from causing further harm. It’s a ritual for their higher good, offering them a chance for self-realization and change.

When you light this candle, it’s crucial to set an intention that aligns with its higher purpose. This is not about causing harm or seeking revenge; it’s about restoring balance and harmony in your life.

As you light the candle and the flame flickers to life, take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes and visualize a sphere of harmonious energy surrounding you, protecting you from any negative influences. Imagine that all conflicts and obstacles have been resolved, that peace has been restored, and that you are free to live your life unburdened by external negativity.

Focus on your enemy or the source of your challenges. Instead of wishing them harm, visualize their own negative karma catching up with them, not as a punishment, but as a catalyst for their self-realization and growth. See them stopping in their tracks, reconsidering their actions, and choosing a path that no longer causes harm to you or anyone else. By doing this, you’re not only protecting yourself but also contributing to their higher good.

As the candle burns and the Talisman and Yantra work their magic, let this intention fill the room, as if it’s being written into the very fabric of the universe. Trust that the candle’s potent energies, amplified by the lunar eclipse and the Lanna Magic rituals, will take care of the rest.

This candle is not just about protection; it’s about transformation—for you and for those who wish you harm. It’s a ritual that empowers you to live your best life while offering others a chance to correct their course. Light it, intend it, and let the magic unfold.


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