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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Raising Your Spiritual Consciousness to Receive Spiritual Guidance: How To Pray Effectively

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It is often said that “patience is a virtue”, and when it comes to manifesting our deepest desires, patience indeed plays a critical role. Achieving significant goals generally requires us to grow, whether by acquiring new skills or connecting with individuals who can facilitate our journey. In such instances, spiritual guides can be invaluable. They help us find the right resources and establish connections with the right people. When we earnestly ask, they are there to assist, but many of us are unsure of how to reach out to these spiritual guides, or are not well-tuned to their frequencies.

Let us now explore how one can raise their spiritual consciousness to receive guidance effectively.

  1. Harness Your Spiritual Energy: The foundation of spiritual consciousness lies in the energy we harbor. This energy, often associated with life force or sexual energy, is potent. It is the fuel for transformation, and propels us towards a heightened spiritual state, awakening, and even enlightenment. The practice of celibacy has been advocated by many traditions for this very reason. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. Be vigilant of energy-draining emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, anger, and resentment, as these deplete our spiritual reserves. Hence, the initial step is to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions.

  2. Clarify Your Intentions: When seeking guidance, it is paramount to have crystal-clear intentions. Your spiritual guides could be your ancestors, deities, or other spiritual entities. They are ever-willing to offer help. The clarity in your intentions helps them understand what you seek.

  3. Enter the Realm of Meditation: The first step during meditation is to become acutely aware of your thoughts and emotions. If negativity surfaces, acknowledge its presence but do not engage with it. Let it ebb away naturally. Focus on your breath to remain centered. Now, direct your awareness to the energy residing in the sacral center, below your navel. This is where sexual energy is stored, and some individuals might sense it in their stomach area. Recognize that this is where your dormant energy begins.

  4. Elevate Your Energies: Now, gently guide this energy upwards by concentrating on your heart. Breathe and sense your breath ushering the energy through your spine to the heart. As your awareness intensifies, you will feel the energy ascending. Continue guiding this energy to your third-eye region, situated between your eyebrows. Focus your eyes on this area and breathe. Feel the energy amass in this center as you inhale.

  5. Communicate Through Feeling: Once you sense the energy gathered at your third-eye center, which may even cause a sensation of pressure in your head, this is the moment to convey your intentions. Clearly visualize your intentions, but refrain from using words. Communicate purely through emotions.

  6. Surrender Your Intentions: Finally, release all attachments to your intentions. Do not ponder over how things should unfold. When you let go, the energy invested in your intentions is projected outwards.

Receiving spiritual guidance may happen instantaneously if your mind and body are attuned. Consistent meditation with a focus on the third-eye region is a powerful practice, as clarity emerges through this chakra.

However, if you’re not well-tuned, guidance might enter through other chakras where your energy is concentrated. For instance, if energy is abundant at the sacral center, that may be the entry point of the guidance. This guidance might not be immediately conscious, and you need to elevate the energy to comprehend it. Similarly, if energy is situated in the heart area, the guidance will be channeled through the heart chakra. Therefore, at the very least, guide your energies to the heart chakra, as it is from here that awakening begins. Through the heart, which is akin to a second mind, guidance received can steer us towards actions that contribute to the realization of our goals.

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