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Translated teachings of Master Patana

An In-Depth Exploration of Pranamaya Kosha (Energy Body)

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The Pranamaya Kosha, the sheath of life energy, or prana. This is the vital force that animates our physical form and fuels our physiological processes. It is the bridge between our physical body and our mental faculties, a subtle yet powerful layer that is often overlooked in our quest for self-understanding.

Imagine for a moment, a river flowing with vitality and vigor. This river is not static; it ebbs and flows, sometimes rushing with intensity, other times meandering with a gentle calm. This river is a metaphor for the Prana-Maya Kosha, the sheath of life energy within us. It is a dynamic, ever-changing force that influences our health, our energy levels, and even our moods.

Now, let’s engage in a conversation with ourselves. Ask yourself, “Am I aware of this energy within me? Can I feel its fluctuations? Can I sense when it is vibrant and when it is depleted?”

You might recall moments when you’ve felt full of energy, ready to take on the world. Other times, you might have felt drained, with barely enough energy to get through the day. These are manifestations of your Prana-Maya Kosha, the subtle energy body that is constantly in flux.

When we fall ill, we can feel our energies being sapped, leaving us feeling drained and lethargic. This depletion of energy is not just a physical experience; it permeates our mental and emotional states as well.

Consider those moments when you’ve been unwell. You might have noticed that your thoughts tend to become more negative or pessimistic. You might find it harder to focus or maintain a positive outlook. This is a clear demonstration of how our energy state can influence our mental state. The depletion of prana, our life energy, can lead to a corresponding depletion in our mental and emotional energies.

But here’s the fascinating part: we can observe these changes. We can watch as our energy levels fluctuate, and we can see how these fluctuations affect our thoughts and emotions. This observation is not a passive process; it’s an active engagement with our Prana-Maya Kosha. It’s a deepening of our awareness, a strengthening of our role as the unchanging witness.

So, when you’re feeling unwell, take a moment to observe your energy state. Notice how it influences your thoughts and emotions. But remember, you are not these fluctuating energies or the changing thoughts they influence. You are the observer, the unchanging witness of these changes. This realization can bring a sense of peace and equanimity, even in the midst of illness or discomfort. It’s a powerful reminder of our true nature, beyond the fluctuations of energy and thought.

But here’s the crucial point: You are not this fluctuating energy. You are the observer, the witness of these energy shifts. You are the consciousness that is aware of the energy’s ebb and flow.

So, let’s deepen this conversation with ourselves. Ask, “If I am not this energy, then who am I? Who is the one observing these energy shifts?”

The answer lies in the realm of consciousness. You are the unchanging witness, the constant observer of these energy shifts. You are the one who remains steady, even as the energy within you dances its dynamic dance.

This realization is a significant step in our spiritual journey. It invites us to cultivate a deeper awareness of our energy body, to observe its fluctuations without identifying with them. It encourages us to embrace our role as the unchanging witness, the constant observer of our ever-changing energy body.

I invite you to engage in this conversation with yourself. Observe your Prana-Maya Kosha, become aware of its fluctuations, but remember, you are not this energy. You are the unchanging witness, the consciousness that illuminates this dynamic dance of energy.

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