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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Spirits, Deities, and Amulets: A Journey of Spiritual Energy and Wisdom

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The realm of the metaphysical and spiritual is as fascinating as it is complex. It involves a world of energies and entities that are often beyond our traditional understanding. This intricate realm encapsulates spirits, deities, and amulets, each holding a unique significance. By exploring their concept, we can understand how these elements interact and influence our lives, channeling wisdom and energy that transcends the earthly realm.

Spirits & Deities: Understanding Intelligent Energies

The universe we inhabit is brimming with energies. When we speak of spirits and deities, we refer to these intelligent energies, which are pulsating and teeming with life. They do not possess human form but are conscious, existing based on their inherent attributes. This energy consciousness is intricately tied to wisdom, which can be channeled into us, augmenting our personal reserve of Akashic knowledge.

Spirits and deities can be compared to an organ, for instance, the heart. The heart, with its own wisdom and function, keeps us alive by pumping blood, reacting to our input. This organ holds the knowledge of its function, akin to a blueprint. Similarly, spirits and deities contain vast wisdom, each one offering a unique blueprint of knowledge. The fundamental difference lies in their ability to guide and enhance our understanding beyond earthly confines. It is this power that aids inventors in ideating inventions, the intuitive channeling of knowledge from other realms.

Each spirit and deity carries an immense potential for wisdom. It is like a library that stores information not just about the earthly realm but also the universe. Each holds a specific function and the wisdom to perform it to perfection. When we align with these energies, we gain access to this wisdom, leading us on paths of discovery and evolution.

Amulets: Physical Conduits of Spiritual Energies

Amulets, often considered as physical manifestations of spiritual energies, can act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm. When an amulet is consecrated, a specific spirit’s energy is imbued into it, becoming a conduit to these intelligent energies. Amulets act as tools that help us focus our mental energies for manifestations, channeling the divine to us.

There is an array of amulets, each serving a unique purpose. Some help accumulate conscious spiritual energies from higher realms into our heart area. Others are designed to gather life force or sexual energies into our lower chakras, creating a reservoir of powerful energy. Through meditation, this energy can be harnessed and directed for manifestation or spiritual wisdom.

Certain amulets, often referred to as spirit-based amulets, have spirits imbued into them. These amulets can affect us both mentally and spiritually. The energies within them remain latent unless consciously activated through practices like meditation. This explains why many people fail to experience consistent or long-term results with amulets. Unless one aligns themselves and connects with the spirit or deity through conscious effort, such as regular meditation, the potential benefits of these amulets remain unrealized.

Meditation: Key to Aligning with Spiritual Energies

Meditation is an essential practice for those seeking to tap into the wisdom and guidance of spirits and deities. Through meditation, we can channel our energies to our head and the third-eye region, creating a connection with the higher realms. Without this, the delivery of wisdom or guidance might occur unconsciously. The spiritual wisdom might seep into our minds gradually, often appearing as dreams, repetitive numbers, or various signs attempting to communicate their message.

Wisdom of Spirits and their Influence

The intelligence or wisdom of a spirit is often based on their past experiences and merits accumulated during their lifetime as a human. The nature of the energy they embody can impact us. Angry spirits can be harnessed to harm others, a practice commonly known as black magic. Conversely, spirits with a history of good deeds or wisdom can impart their understanding to us when we align with them.

For example, a spirit that was wealthy during its human life will have the wisdom of wealth creation. Aligning with this spirit could potentially bestow upon us knowledge about accumulating wealth.

The realm of spirits, deities, and amulets is indeed a riveting world. As conscious energies, these entities hold wisdom beyond our earthly understanding. By tapping into these energies through meditation and utilizing physical tools like amulets, we can access wisdom that can influence our lives positively. It is a journey that requires dedication, openness, and a willingness to learn and grow. With a receptive mind, we can transform and elevate our spiritual wisdom, and in the process, achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe we inhabit.

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