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Translated teachings of Master Patana

Be Wealthy and Enlightened

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We are here to explore a path that doesn’t necessitate the renouncement of wealth, comfort, or possessions, but rather, advocates for their wholehearted embrace. However, while embracing them, it is equally critical to ensure that we do not become enslaved by them.

Often, there is a misconception that in order to be enlightened, to be spiritual, one must renounce worldly riches. But I tell you this – there is nothing inherently spiritual about poverty, nor is there anything inherently unspiritual about wealth. It is not the presence or absence of material wealth that matters, but the state of one’s consciousness.

Do not fear reaching out for what you desire. If you want to drive a super car, live in a luxurious house, wear exquisite clothes – go for it! There is nothing wrong in enjoying the material comforts that the world has to offer. In fact, the world itself is a manifestation of the divine, and enjoying its offerings can be a form of worship, a way of celebrating the abundance of existence.

However, and this is where the true challenge lies, while you enjoy these comforts, do not let them define you. Do not let them have control over you. They are not you; they are simply accessories to your life, experiences that you are having. You may drive a super car, but you are not the super car. You may live in a luxurious house, but you are not the house. These possessions, no matter how grand, do not define your worth, your identity.

It is this understanding that will help you maintain your balance, your equanimity, even when these material possessions come and go. Because they will come and go. That’s the nature of life – it’s transient, ever-changing. And if your happiness, your sense of self, is tied to these transient things, then you will be on a constant roller-coaster ride, elated one moment, despondent the next.

The key to true happiness, to true peace, is to find that which is unchanging within you, that which remains constant amid the flux of life. And that is your consciousness, your true self. You are pure, infinite consciousness, experiencing itself in different forms, different situations.

So, be rich, be wealthy. Enjoy the abundance that life offers. But do not get lost in it. Remember who you truly are. Enjoy your super car, your luxurious house, but know that they do not define you, they do not control you.

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