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Why other spells casters can't help you at all?

According to master, most of the spells casters or masters won’t be able to help you resolve your problem due to 2 main reasons. First 99% of problems are through resolving karma, and compassion merits is the only most powerful energies that can help one resolve their karmic problem. Most other masters do not even realize the power of compassion merits. Compassion merits delivery is one of the oldest forms of ritual which almost no master practices now. It could be due to greed that they have lost all the compassion in themselves too and they simply focus on using other forms of energies which are short term or of absolutely no use. Most masters only knows chanting and does not know the way to access higher consciousness and powers. This practice takes more than 2 decades to attain. And 2nd reason is, if one is filled with too much desires or greed, one will never have the ability to access higher vibrations and consciousness to even help himself. Monetary greed is the killer of all master’s ability to attain higher consciousness. If a master often ask you for money as his own profit, you will be assured that such master won’t be able to help you. 

Most masters use false readings to create fears in you and most of them could not tell you the exact karmic problems that are causing you to experience the problems. Our goals to become human again on earth is to become more spiritual and gain higher vibrations and consciousness. If a master do not lead you into doing that, it is best to stay away from such master. Master Patana has the aim to help everyone to resolve their karmic problems and so that everyone can start walking on the spiritual path sooner.



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