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Year of Consecration: 2024
Total Made: 999 pieces
Consecrated by: Disciples, Pupil Monks/Acolytes, Venerable Assembly, Ascended Practitioners/Cognizant Elders
Consists of: Earth/Clay, Rubies, Sacred Ashes, 108 Sacred Material, Sacred Stone

The noble sponsorship of 999 Phra Chinnarat amulets, a project imbued with spiritual intent and purpose. Each of these sacred amulets is crafted from hallowed soil and materials, chosen for their spiritual resonance and purity. The process of creating these amulets is a sacred journey in itself, culminating in a powerful consecration ceremony. Esteemed masters will meticulously seal the incantations and energies within each amulet, embedding grains of ruby and sapphires at its back, symbolizing the sealing of divine protection and enlightenment.

We invite you to partake in this spiritually enriching opportunity by sponsoring the creation of one or more Phra Chinnarat amulets at $5 each. This contribution is directed solely towards the materials and intricate crafting process of the amulet, ensuring that each piece is of the highest spiritual and physical quality.

It is important to note that the sponsorship does not cover the shipping costs, which are required to ensure these amulets reach their destined bearers worldwide. The shipping fees range between $7 to $12, varying according to the geographical location of each recipient. We pledge to adjust these fees based on the cumulative sponsorships received for shipping, ensuring transparency and fairness in distribution costs. The shipping cost will be meticulously updated to reflect the actual rates provided by postal services or shippers, guaranteeing that the spiritual journey of these amulets to their new guardians is as seamless as possible.

By sponsoring the creation of a Phra Chinnarat amulet, you are not only acquiring a vessel of profound spiritual significance but also supporting a tradition of sacred craftsmanship. Each amulet serves as a beacon of protection, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment, making it a precious companion for anyone on their spiritual path.

Join us in this sacred endeavor, and let us collectively spread the light and blessings of the Phra Chinnarat Buddha to corners far and wide. Your contribution is a step towards raising the collective consciousness, fostering a world imbued with spirituality, compassion, and divine protection.


In stock

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