White 4-Faced Buddha Strong Spiritual Energies for Prosperity, Spiritual Consciousness (With Precious Gems)

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Year of Consecration: 2019
Total Made: 49 pieces
Consecrated by: AJ Patana, Disciples, Pupil Monks/Acolytes, Venerable Assembly
Consists of: Earth/Clay, Metal, Sacred Iron Ore, Gemstones, Sapphires, Rubies, Sacred Ashes, 108 Sacred Material, Relic, Crystals, Sacred Stone
Features: Material Prosperity, Wealth Career Advancement, Business Success, Wealth Accumulation, Romantic Attraction, Marital Harmony, Improve Relationships, Family Unity, Love Enhancement, Conflict Resolution, Intellectual and Wisdom, Creativity, Confidence, Academic Success, Chakra and Energy Balancing, Improve Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Black Magic Protection, Transdimensional Capabilities, Karmic Influence, Merits Accumulation, Exorcism, Spiritual Energy Accumulation
Divine Association:Gods/Goddesses, Heavenly Entities, Spiritual Energy
Ritual Activation: Full Moon, Elemental Ritual

In the realm of spiritual artifacts, the 4-Faced Buddha Statue stands distinguished. It’s meticulously sculpted from Lek Nam Phi iron ore, a material historically revered for its profound spiritual properties. This statue is not merely decorative; it operates as a conduit, bridging the mundane world to one teeming with blessings that span various domains: prosperity, affection, scholarly achievements, and spiritual enlightenment.

Further enhancing its significance, the statue has been adorned with rubies and sapphires. These gemstones, renowned not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their metaphysical attributes, play a crucial role. Rubies, with their fiery hue, are believed to pulsate with vitality and vigor, while sapphires, with their serene blue tone, are associated with depth of thought and spiritual insight.

The spiritual integrity of the statue is further augmented by the incorporation of distinct elements: the luminous 7-Color Ore, the esteemed Pratat Sivali relics, and an array of mineral powders, including pyrite and Lek Lai, sourced from spiritually-charged caves. Each component has been meticulously selected, ensuring they resonate harmoniously, providing a holistic protective and uplifting aura.

It’s noteworthy that this statue has undergone multiple consecrations, with its pinnacle reached during the rituals of Vesak Day. In essence, this artifact is not just a physical representation but an epitome of Thailand’s rich spiritual heritage and traditions. Its possession promises not just a visual treat but a journey steeped in tradition and spirituality.

This isn’t merely a statue but a sacred instrument, a conduit of ethereal potential and cosmic vibrations. With each facet of this divine figure, you are entering a sacred realm, a space where the tangible meets the intangible.

Spiritual & Metaphysical Features:

  • Gateway to Prosperity: One face illuminates the path to unmatched wealth and abundance, channeling energies that break barriers and draw in opulence.
  • Beacon of Authority: Align with the energies of leadership and command. This face bestows upon its keeper the prowess to lead, influence, and be revered in their domain.
  • Cosmic Empowerment: Delve deep into the essence of universal power. This facet magnifies your inner strength, enabling you to harness the vast energies of the cosmos, amplifying your spiritual growth.
  • Manifestation Maestro: The fourth face is the heart of creation, a force that turns desires into realities, dreams into tangible outcomes. Connect with it, and you attune to the frequency of swift and potent manifestations.
  • Mystical Protection: Beyond the four primary facets, the aura of this Buddha acts as a shield, warding off negative energies and intentions, ensuring your spiritual journey remains unperturbed.
  • Ethereal Connections: Engaging with the statue nurtures a bond with higher realms. It’s an open channel to celestial beings, ancestors, and spiritual guides, enriching your metaphysical endeavors.
  • Amplifier of Intuition: In the dance of energies, your inner voice grows louder, clearer. The statue fine-tunes your intuition, granting foresight and insights that guide your path.

    The 4-Faced Buddha Statue isn’t a mere symbol; it’s a spiritual dynamo, transforming your inner and outer world. And this transformation isn’t a nebulous concept but a palpable experience that begins to unfold as you integrate this artifact into your life. In this statue, you don’t just possess a piece of art; you hold a universe of possibilities.

(Note that all items made of sacred iron is unique only to our site, the materials are mixed with different sacred materials, and also ruby sapphires. It is not industrialized product made in huge bulk. Some identical products were seen and sold as sacred iron ore, please note that they are not the same material as what is described here, and consecration is different too.)


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