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If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.

Experience the Power of these High-Realm Asura Spirits.
Altering 3 Spiritual Dimensions

Discover the Ancient Truths about Kumantong.
Learn How You Can Change Their Destiny within
just few days of keeping a Kumantong…
Bring in Unlimited Flow of Wealth, and Be
Successful At Any Relationships That you Desire. 

Don’t Ever Buy A Kumantong Before Reading This…
A Real Secret Which No Other Masters Ever Told…
Discover 7 Ancient Secrets of Connecting with Kumantong that will affect changes in your spiritual dimensions which will lead you towards 
a significant positive change of your destiny
and Ultra Success!

(Once you learn this secret,
you will become a master of manifestation!)


Discover these truths and Secrets No One Talks About.

  • The dangers of adopting kumantong from unknown sources. (May bring about more misfortunes, major illnesses and it can be irreversible!)


  • Learn the 7 ancient secrets on how to manifest anything you desire with high realm spirits. (Once you know these secrets, you can start manifesting all that you desire.)
  • The 2 most powerful rituals in a month that anyone can perform to manifest desires.
  • What is a binding ritual, and why it is important to make Kumantong work?
  • Learn why 99% of kumantongs or ‘wealth fetching’ amulets do not help their owners.
  • How to receive “signals” from your kumantong for lottery numbers.
  • Discover how to receive signals of warnings from your kumantong (kumantong will show signals to warn about dangers, bad people or bad situations)
  • How to make your Kumantong so ultra powerful that he will protect you and help manifest anything you desire. (It is a secret no master talked about, not even those famous Kumantong masters. That’s why your Kumantong don’t work!)
  • How to connect and communicate your desires with your Kumantong.(It is not simply by mantra or talking to your kumantong. Talking to your Kumantong never work without practicing this.)  
  • Learn the secrets of changing your own destiny through the help of Kumantong.(Powerful Kumantong can lead owners out of bad karma and lead towards success, but you must learn the secrets.)
  • Discover the most important element which no masters talk about which will change your destiny towards ultra success.(Practice this simple ritual every day, raise your spiritual energy, and you will experience successes.)
  • Learn about the 12 most important spiritual dimensions. How you can alter it to change your own destiny.(You’ve heard about 12 animal signs. There are 12 dimensions that determine your current life’s karma. Learn this and alter them.)
  • Discover the secrets to start experiencing an unlimited flow of wealth. (No masters ever taught followers these exact methods.Practice this and wealth will keep growing non-stop, opportunities will open for you and wealth will keep flowing)
  • Learn why you are experiencing all the misfortunes in life and how 1 method can change the destiny entirely.
    (Misfortunes come after one another? Do misfortunes repeat itself? Learn the secrets and put it to a complete stop forever!)
  • Learn about the secrets of karma cycle, and how to control your own destiny.
    (Everyone can make choices during a karma change cycle, learn about these cycles and you can make changes to your karma)
  • Learn all about the truth of your birth and physical dimension, how to change your karma entirely and change your path. (It is a deep wisdom, discovering this and practicing this may help end most of your past negative karma.)


WARNING: Never to buy any kumantong or spirit-based amulets off shelves in shops.
Because many of which are spirits of the hell realms that will bring upon misfortunes and illness.
And they will never work for you without going through an important ancient ritual
that will cause a change in your spiritual dimension. 

(We dare to guarantee that no other masters know these secrets. There were only a few great masters who have learnt these secrets of consecrating and summoning kumantongs and spirit-based amulets. Most of these great masters have already passed on. And when they were alive, they did not teach every followers these complete secrets.)

If you are serious in changing your destiny, you have to become more open minded about what we will share with you and totally forget about what you thought you already knew about kumantong and spirit-based amulets. 

No wealth amulets will help you without first understanding and knowing these truths and secrets.

These are true wisdom of our great master – Ajarn Patana
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Every effort in making this site and translating of master’s teachings are completely charitable, and non-profit. Any donations for rituals or adoption of items are completely for charity, if you have any doubt, you may ask us first.)


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