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Charity Based - By Respectable Ajarn Patana

If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.


Q: How long does a ritual take?
A: Every ritual will take 9 days to complete before shipment.

Q: How much is the shipping fees?
A: All shipping are free, we have our committee to fund for all shippings. We are non-profit and aim to help people to grow spiritually.

Q: Can I visit master in person?
A: You may make a request and arrangement with us. Currently, all meeting with master will only be during the charity drive event in November each year. All followers abide by this as we hope master can have more rest and time to meditate during his free time.

Q: Can I return the items after some years? Will it affect me negatively?
A: If master has recommended you to adopt something, it will surely help you in big ways throughout your lifetime. It is often suggested to keep it with you throughout your lifetime if you ever decide to adopt any item from master. However, if due to any reasons you have no choice but to give up the item, please contact us first.

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