Supporters’ Circle of Gratitude

Welcome to our Circle of Gratitude. This space is dedicated to the remarkable individuals whose generous contributions have been the backbone of our mission’s success. Each name listed here represents a unique story of support, kindness, and commitment to our cause. It is with deep appreciation that we acknowledge the pivotal role you have played in bringing our vision to life. Your generosity has not just fueled our endeavors but has also inspired a ripple effect of positive change. Thank you for believing in us, for sharing our journey, and for making a difference. Together, we’ve turned aspirations into reality, and it’s all thanks to you.

2024 Sponsorship of Amulets: 999 pieces
In an auspicious endeavor, 999 pieces of the revered Phra Chinnarat amulet will be meticulously crafted, embodying the spiritual essence and historical significance of one of Buddhism’s most venerated images. Each amulet is to be forged from materials imbued with sacredness, ensuring that the spiritual potency of the Phra Chinnarat Buddha is captured in every piece. To elevate their sanctity and aesthetic beauty, these amulets will be further adorned with precious gems, specifically rubies and sapphires, carefully inlaid at the back, adding a layer of opulence and spiritual significance. This initiative not only aims to distribute these amulets to those seeking spiritual aid and protection but also to forge a tangible connection to the divine, enriching the spiritual journey of each recipient with the blessing and guidance of the Phra Chinnarat Buddha. Through this act, the amulets serve as a beacon of faith, hope, and spiritual awakening, fostering a deeper sense of connectedness and purpose within the collective consciousness. 

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2024 Sponsorship of Amulets: 399 pieces

We present an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for the creation of 399 limited edition Somdej Amulets. Each piece will be meticulously crafted using sacred powder, a material revered for its profound spiritual significance and purifying properties. This sacred powder, derived from blessed herbs, relics, and other hallowed substances, forms the foundation of each amulet, promising not only protection but also a deep spiritual connection for those who keep it close.

Elevating the sanctity and potency of these amulets, each will be further enriched with ruby grains, embedding within them the vibrancy and resilience of this precious gemstone. Rubies are believed to amplify the wearer’s spiritual powers, offering enhanced protection, wisdom, and a fortification of one’s energy fields against negative influences.

This initiative to sponsor the crafting of the Somdej Amulet, limited to a mere 399 pieces.

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