You Don’t Know How to Love. This creates your miseries in life.

Two of the most impactful forces are the faculties of intellect and emotion. Both have their unique domains of influence. The intellect aids us in comprehending the mechanics of the universe, developing new technologies, and unraveling mysteries of existence. However, when it comes to the realm of genuine love, the intellect can inadvertently lead us […]

Belief vs Faith: Transcending Belief to Faith

Belief and faith – these two terms are often used interchangeably in our discourse, but they have significant differences, particularly in the context of the spiritual journey. Both of these are not in opposition, rather they coexist, representing different aspects of our spiritual development. Belief is an intellectual acceptance or a mental agreement to the […]

Consciously Recreating Your Reality With The Power of Your Mind

The Universe, in its infinite wisdom operates on principles that are often beyond the comprehension of the ordinary human mind. One such principle, a profound truth that spiritual masters have been teaching for centuries, is the concept that our thoughts, powered by the energy they carry, create our reality. This concept, while seemingly abstract and […]

Feeling Blamed? – From Blame to Enlightenment

We live in a realm where every action, every word, every gesture can be seen from two polarities – either positive or negative. Our minds, these complex machines, interpret these signals and thus shape our feelings and behaviors. Think about the countless times you’ve found yourself cornered, the stinging words of blame lashing at your […]

Profound Art of Listening Beyond Hearing

We will explore the profound, yet often unperceived, distinction between listening and hearing. Firstly, let’s create a foundation of understanding: hearing is a physiological process. It is the passive intake of auditory stimuli – the rustling of leaves, the humming of a city, the symphony of birds at dawn. Hearing is mechanical; it is our […]

The Cosmic Mirror Within

Permit me to guide your thoughts towards a matter of deep and profound significance – the very nature of change, the nature of the self, and the futility of seeking alterations in the world without first seeking them within us. This exploration is akin to studying a mirror, understanding the simple yet profound truth it […]

Seeking Validation from a Friend is Not Always Good. – Awakening and Success

Let us discuss on the subject of awakening and success, perceived through the lens of relationships, introspection, and transformation. Often, we find ourselves in the company of those who echo our sentiments, those who nod in agreement with our complaints, our anger, our sadness. It is easy to mistake this echo for a sign of […]

Art of Listening to Acting

There is a saying in the Zen tradition, “When you drink tea, just drink tea. When you eat, just eat.” The essence of this wisdom is ‘presence’, ‘awareness’. In our context today, I will paraphrase it as, “When you listen, just listen.” Listening is a divine art. It is the sacred portal through which the […]

Procrastination and Your Destiny – The Universe Whispers Before it Screams.

Procrastination is a form of resistance, it’s the mind’s protective mechanism, a fortress built to maintain the status quo. It’s the echo of our fears, the manifestation of our inner reluctance to step out of our comfort zones, to challenge our beliefs, to embrace change and to act on new information or insights. Procrastination is […]

When Compassion and Kindness Cause More Sufferings

Throughout our lives, we see compassion as a bright light, it emerges as a shining beacon, a quality we attribute to saints and sages, and rightfully so. Compassion, the ability to feel and alleviate another’s suffering, is one of the most noble of human traits. Yet, in its very nobility lies a subtle trap – […]

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