The Alchemy of Food – Hormones, Energy, and Desires

Our physical being is profoundly interwoven with the spiritual. Food, in essence, is not merely sustenance for the body; it is the divine catalyst for the ongoing dance of life – a mystical play of creation and dissolution that feeds both our corporeal and ethereal selves. The journey begins with the act of eating, wherein […]

Fasting is Good. But, Do Not Fast Without Awareness and Sensitivity.

In today’s wellness-driven culture, fasting has taken on renewed importance as a health and spiritual tool. Many people turn to fasting as a means to cleanse their bodies, shed unwanted pounds, or develop greater mental clarity. It can indeed offer these benefits, yet, like many practices, it should not be undertaken without the necessary mindfulness […]

How Thoughts Influence Genes and Energy

Within the realm of scientific exploration, a captivating field known as epigenetics has shed light on the intricate interplay between our thoughts, genes, and the energy that permeates our existence. This emerging discipline unveils a profound connection, revealing that our thoughts have the ability to influence the expression of our genes through the modulation of […]

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