Consciously Recreating Your Reality With The Power of Your Mind

The Universe, in its infinite wisdom operates on principles that are often beyond the comprehension of the ordinary human mind. One such principle, a profound truth that spiritual masters have been teaching for centuries, is the concept that our thoughts, powered by the energy they carry, create our reality. This concept, while seemingly abstract and […]

A Sacred Space At Home – As a Spiritual Boosting Station for Manifestation.

The ancient temples of our ancestors, adorned with consecrated gemstones, were not merely places of worship. They were spiritual powerhouses, designed to harness and amplify the cosmic energies. These gemstones, each vibrating at unique frequencies, were carefully chosen and consecrated, creating a sacred symphony of energies that helped devotees connect with the divine, manifest their […]

Secret Alchemy of Love Energy to Success and Abundance in Life.

In the journey of life, there are energies that propel us forward, that inspire and enliven our journeys. Among the most potent of these is the energy of love. You see, love, genuine love, is not a commodity, it is not quantifiable, it is not something that diminishes when shared, rather, it magnifies. When actions […]

Which is most suitable for me? Spirit-Type Amulets or Mainstream Amulets?

Exploring the domain of amulets is a dive into a fascinating ocean of culture, spirituality, and personal introspection. These mystical items, be it Spirit-Type or Mainstream amulets, are said to harbor specific energies and have become essential elements in many individuals’ spiritual practices. The question arises – which type should one pray to? In order […]

Mysteries and the Highest Form of Divination: The Power of Intuition and Third-Eye Vision

Divination, an ancient practice of peering into the veiled dimensions of existence to gain insights and guidance, is cloaked in layers of mysticism, profundity, and intrigue. While many methods of divination use physical tools such as tarot cards, runes, astrology, i-Ching, or pendulums, the most precise and potent form transcends these external objects. It springs […]

Why my life is rough?: Understanding Divine Law and Merits

The laws that govern our universe are many, some easily understood like gravity, others much more nuanced and philosophical, like the divine law. The divine law, at its most foundational level, suggests that we exist on this Earth to facilitate each other’s journey towards self-actualization. Self-actualization, an expansive and beautiful concept, essentially refers to the […]

New Moon Day: Evil Energies and Inauspicious?

Traditionally, many cultures have associated New Moon Day with inauspiciousness and the presence of evil spirits. This belief often stems from a rudimentary understanding of the metaphysical energies at play during the lunar cycle. Dominance of Yin Energy The New Moon Day marks a period when the energy of Yin is dominant. In Chinese philosophy, […]

The Spiritual Journey of the New Moon Day: A Time for Accumulation and Energy Work

The cyclical ebb and flow of celestial bodies have always been deeply linked with spirituality, affecting our daily lives, energies, and potential for personal growth. One such celestial event, the New Moon day, is considered a powerful period in spiritual practice, known for its capability to help us work on our lower chakras and amass […]

Celibacy: Directing Your Sexual Energies for Manifestations and Enlightenment

In a world increasingly obsessed with control, the imposition of celibacy has often been seen as a means of taming the human sexual impulse. But is forced celibacy truly the path towards self-control and spiritual growth? Or does it merely lead to sexual repression and a perverse mindset? To delve into these questions, it’s essential […]

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