Knowing Your Past Lives

The very idea of past lives stems from an understanding that transcends the bounds of our physical existence. It introduces us to the notion that we are more than our bodies, our names, and our present-day identities. At our core, we are spiritual beings, on a journey that extends beyond a single lifetime. But how […]

Mysteries and the Highest Form of Divination: The Power of Intuition and Third-Eye Vision

Divination, an ancient practice of peering into the veiled dimensions of existence to gain insights and guidance, is cloaked in layers of mysticism, profundity, and intrigue. While many methods of divination use physical tools such as tarot cards, runes, astrology, i-Ching, or pendulums, the most precise and potent form transcends these external objects. It springs […]

Awakening Your Inner Senses: A Deep Dive

Our inner sense, often referred to as the sixth sense, is a profound yet frequently overlooked facet of our human existence. This inherent sense, present in all of us, often takes a backseat to the more immediate and tangible experiences offered by our five physical senses. However, with a bit of focus and practice, we […]

Your Hidden Ability: Intuition

Intuition doesn’t follow a process; it simply leaps from the problem to the solution. It’s a shortcut. It’s a flash of insight. Intuition is an entirely different entity compared to reason, as different as a bird is from a fish. Reason debates and employs a method to arrive at a conclusion, like a detective piecing […]

Entities and Deities of Different Realms.

The prevailing theory suggests that extraterrestrial beings, originating from various planets and stars, are not merely figments of science fiction, but entities of profound significance. Ancient scriptures from various religions, notably Hinduism and Buddhism, have recorded encounters with such celestial beings. These alien life forms are said to have visited Earth in bygone eras, imparting […]

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