Depression: Breaking Free from the Chains of Suppressed Anger

Understand this: depression is not the real issue here. It’s just a symptom. What’s really at play is a suppressed state of Anger. A deep-rooted anger. But you’ve mistaken this anger for depression because you’ve suppressed it for so long. You’re squashing something down. Your anger. When you pile it up, accumulates it over time […]

Depression of the Rich and Famous

People often think that being rich and famous equals happiness and satisfaction. But surprisingly, even a man who has achieved unimaginable levels of material success can sometimes feel a profound emptiness inside. This emptiness arises because all the external accomplishments, like wealth, fame, or societal respect, can’t genuinely satisfy his inner self. Imagine a man […]

Turning Depression into a Gateway for Growth and Bliss

It is essential to understand that life is a dance of contrasts. Light has meaning because of darkness, and joy has depth because of the pain. Our lives are replete with alternating moments of suffering and ecstasy. Each period of suffering creates the possibility for a subsequent period of bliss, like waves following troughs in […]

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