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If This Doesn't Change Your Destiny, Nothing Else Will.

Year 2020 Merits Making
Complete Year 2020 Karma Alteration Candle Ritual Powerful Star Formation Ritual
Fire - Earth - Wind - Water - Metal - Wood Elemental Powers


This package is consecrated by Master Patana, it is via a long lost ancient magic of harnessing all natural elements and fire element to reduce certain forms of karma and helping advance good existing karma. This is to be started during first 3 months of a new year. 

This form of ritual is to be performed by yourself at home. It is believed that it will balance all elements that affects 12 dimensions in one’s life. And this will work along with harnessing powers and energies of the first 3 months stars positions in the coming year 2020.

Please note that each set is for each individual, and the set will be customized before shipping to you. The candles will have your name on it. 

By purchasing this package, the amount donated will be contribute to charity towards this coming new year’s (2020). Let’s help donate with true compassion, master will be blessing and helping all followers. 

Donate $68 ONLY For a whole year candle package. (Scroll down to donate.)

Instructions: The star formation 9 candles is to be started on a full moon day before before April 2020. (Master will be performing for you at the same time monthly) We will be shipping out in Jan and should reach most countries within 2 weeks.  You can do so in your room or living room on the first full moon when you receive the package. Place the 9 candles set to a star formation as below picture, and place a glass of water in front of you. And sit in the center. All candles should also be connected to one another by the sacred white string which is included in the package. You should sit in the center and meditate for 45 minutes to 1 hour to receive changes in karmic paths. You should drink the water after that. (Only meditate upon what you want happen.)

And there are also candles for remaining 11-month. There will be 2 candles for each month. 1 candle for new moon and 1 candle for full moon each month. You should light the candle and meditate just 10 minutes, with a glass of water in front of you, while master is praying and chanting during every new moon and full moon day for you. And you should drink the water. (Only meditate upon what you want happen.)

Such ritual is believe to help accumulate luck and power year after year. 

Every candle is specially made with written yant on them, there are special elements used on the candles and ink used to write the yant.

It is an ancient magic that harnesses elemental energies. Because according to master, energies will never dissappear, it only change form from one to another. Example fire element is one powerful element that can be use to form new energies that protect one from dangers and negative energies. These energies change from one form to another. And also when master is chanting, his energy also changes forms that can affect anyone he focuses on. 

Limited Sets – Total 30 sets available for overseas shipment.
Donate: $68.00 ONLY – SHIPPING IS FREE

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